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Tell you ASEMI products "core" knowledge

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Powerful to know the "core"

Powerful from Zhixin "Developing Strong Yuan Culture - Creating Core Products" ASEMI is a Taiwan-based brand that focuses on the supply of discrete rectifier devices. It was gradually developed in Taipei in 1998. After more than ten years of exploration and Technological innovation has become an established player in the industry's comprehensive strength. Purchasing the necessary rectifier bridge manufacturer ASEMI. Qiangyuan core in 2004, Qiangyuan core began a diversified development process, from small to 0.8A mini square bridge, to 500A rectifier bridge module, small square bridge from MBS package To MDQ, the large volume rectifier module of the MDS package,



Rising semiconductor brand - ASEMI

Qiangyuanxin Electronics (Guangdong) Co., Ltd. is the general agent of Taiwan Semiconductor ASEMI brand in mainland China, and has cooperated with each other for more than a year. So, why did ASEMI choose strong core, and why did Qianyuan choose ASEMI alone? The fate is inevitable, and the strength and common values are the reasons for the true cooperation.

Power Rectifier Company - Qiang Yuanxin


Qiangyuanxin Electronics (Guangdong) Co., Ltd., headquartered in Shenzhen, one of the most developed cities in China, is located at 38th Floor, Block A, World Trade Plaza, No. 9 Fuhong Road, Futian District, Shenzhen. 5 offices, 20 wholesale markets, self-built factory located in Qingdao, Shandong Province, in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is specially set up Dingxin Co., Ltd.

Everything is in an orderly development, everything is to fulfill our mission: reputation first, customer first.

There are many reasons for not cooperating in a shopping mall, but there is only one reason for working together, that is, there are common goals. Taiwan ASEMI brand has always followed a principle in the quality of products: peace of mind, electronic components are different from other consumer goods, peace of mind is the most important principle.

Since the establishment of Qiang Yuanxin, we have always put credit in the first place. We are not afraid of no profit. We are only afraid of customer return. Returning means that the quality of the product is not good, and the quality of the product is not likely to cause problems such as bombing machines. Therefore, it is the best choice to join forces.



The ASEMI brand originated in Taiwan, China, and its main market headquarters is in Taiwan.

Taiwan is a home of semiconductors in China and the world. The industrial development of Taiwan's semiconductors is a typical success story of developing countries in the world's high-tech industries. It is even known as the "Oriental Silicon Valley."

It is said that it is easy to stand out from the crowd, but it is difficult to excel. ASEMI brand, in this fierce competition, such as bamboo, the general low-energy, thick accumulation, with a unique brand spirit "Anxin" and unique corporate strength slowly acquired a place in Taiwan "Oriental Silicon Valley".

ASEMI = Advanced Semiconductor, which means advanced semiconductors, aims to create all the electronic components with absolute assurance for customers!


Shenzhen ASEMI

ASEMI Electronics has a 170-person R&D team and a 8500m2 high-power module production room. The high-end rectifier component modules use Taiwan GPP high-stability chips and 28 Taiwan Jianding test lines to ensure high reliability of high-current and high-voltage rectifier modules. !

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