Schottky Diode

Not all diodes are called
Schottky.Not all Schottky are ASEMI
Low power consumption | high current | ultra high speed

Low forward voltage drop, no stored charge

Suitable for: low voltage high frequency rectification

Breakdown isolation
leakage disappears

Silicon contact barrier process

Metal-semiconductor contacts are generally used to form Schottky barriers, but due to the presence of SiO2 layers between the contact interfaces when the metal is in contact with the semiconductor, the contact resistance and surface state density are significantly increased, resulting in greatly reduced device performance.

We have adopted diffusion barriers and multi-layer metallization techniques. In order to improve the reverse performance, we have adopted new process technologies such as guard ring structures.

Wide "S" shaped curved contactor pressure
contact gold plated upper lead

In order to reduce the series resistance of the package,reduce the forward voltage drop, and maximize the contact area between the lead and the chip.

Axial lead, transparent housing, small size, light weight and high reliability

Meet the standard requirements of GB7581 "Dimensions of Semiconductor Discrete Devices"

Sputtering and annealing
key process solutions

Achieve optimal barrier metal thickness and form the best surface for the best electrical performance and high yield of the die

100% microscopic inspection of the chip before packaging, eliminating defective chips

Member of the Schottky Diode of the brand
8 rectifier series


10 packaging processes

Quality Assurance

20 processes

Keep improving

198 model specifications

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1.Film marking

2.Cleaning oxidation

3.OAP and glue

4.Lithographic exposure,development, rear arch

5.Hard film,corrosion

6.Hard film,injection

7.Remove glue

8.B push knot,oxidize to form P+ isolation


10.Cleaning P-injection oxidation

11.P-injection increases voltage to reduce leakage current

12. bleaching acid to remove the lead hole oxide layer

13.Cleaning steam CR

14.Alloy forming alloy barrier

15.Push CR

16.Cleaning evaporation,evaporation of aluminum

17,Reverse engraved aluminum

18.Back thinning

19.Cleaning bleaching acid back metallization

20.Molding test

Reverse anti-burning
ability of Schottky barrier

The reverse leakage characteristics were checked under temperature and the sample was subjected to a destructive physical experiment.

Hard breakdown characteristic curve, minimum leakage current at room temperature, 0.2-0.3mA

Under the 200mA breakdown current, the characteristic curve is stable, no leakage current becomes large, the curve becomes soft, and the failure modes such as creep channel, bubbling, punch-through, etc.

5Characteristics of Schottky diode

pressure reduction







reverse recovery time

Can withstand

large inrush currents

Please look for

Beautifully printed and tightly packed

Thick cardboard for better protection

ASEMI logo, quality assurance

Schottky diodes are widely used in switching power supplies, inverters, drivers and other circuits for high frequency, low voltage, high current
rectifier diodes, freewheeling diodes, protection diodes, or rectifier diodes and small signal detection in circuits such as microwave
communication. The diode is used. Welcome to consult the sampling test.

Sampling test, selection consultation