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Behind each new product, the ASEMI technical team may visit more than 100 factories to communicate with customers in depth and search for their real needs. On the way to find out the needs of users, we will only offer more excellent bridge rectifier solutions and create more possibilities for your circuit applications.

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Creating high-end rectifier bridge solution closed loop, focusing on improving the efficiency of even 1% current application.
Bridge rectifier , schottky diode and ultra-fast recovery diode have been applied to various circuit application functional requirements. ASEMI R&D team has been continuously iterating to meet users’ needs to the greatest extent.

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This is an indispensable link, we diligently, customer unworried.In case of focusing on high-end circuit application solutions for 12 years, analyzing difficulties for many months, doing all of my best,so that we can let the customer say goodbye to the circuit application problems in the process of production .

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Over the past 12 years, with great persistence and tireless attitude, we only made the original and genuine ASEMI brand, leaving a brilliant achievement in the rapidly developing field of electronics industry. As a result, ASEMI brand has been recognized and sought after by more and more domestic and foreign customers. In the future, we will continue to build the first brand in the bridge rectifier industry!

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ASEMI adopts high-quality raw materials and professional technique on each step from model design, manufacturing, plastic injection molding, painting, silk screen to assembly. The company carries through five concepts - quality , cost , time , efficiency and credibility , regarding them as the necessary operating principle for each staff , it is also the way leading company's sustainable development.

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Engineers are usually meticulous and wont missing any details that might go wrong at this procedure. Reverse leakage current, chip consistency and discrete etc parameters all must be achieve standard, ensuring that each sample is perfect when it reaches the customer's hands.

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After all procedures be finished, Our highly demanding engineers will also upgrade and optimize the product at the end, no matter in appearance or usage function. If there any reaction heat dissipation not well enough and welding is not perfect under process of testing, the engineer will continue to pursuit perfect until best results.

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