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Rectifier bridge selects 7 major standards

Matching standard

ASEMI brand rectifier bridges are consistent and stable. ASEMI series products all use Taiwan's Crest GPP gold-plated chips to stabilize suppliers and processes. The consistency of rectifier bridges is consistent and export standards.

Parameter standard

ASEMI production is made of Taiwan's all-machine, automatic integrated equipment, and Taiwan's process is strictly controlled in accordance with 32 production processes and processing procedures.

Technical process standard

ASEMI adopts fully automated operation to reduce manual misoperation. At the same time, it detects 12 parameters such as Vb, Io, If and VfIr. It strictly controls the leakage current within 2uA to prevent the temperature from rising and the leakage suddenly increases, resulting in chip breakdown. Strict △ V ≤ 50V, reducing the dispersion of 4 chips to prevent soft breakdown characteristics.

Chip size standard

Taiwan ASEMI, using GPP large chip, 46-50MIL chip, good parameter consistency, stable and efficient work, ASEMI uses 46-50MI, chip side length 1.17--1.27CM, SEMI uses 84MIL chip side length 2.13CM

Reverse leakage test standard

The reverse leakage current is unavoidable due to the characteristics of the semiconductor body, but the reverse leakage is as small as possible. At normal temperature, there is not much difference, but as the temperature rises, the reverse leakage will increase in multiples, and the reverse leakage will occur. The larger the temperature is, the easier it is to break through the damage, so ASEMI strictly controls the reverse leakage test.

Packaging and shipping standards

The ASEMI brand is shipped in environmentally friendly packaging with the ASEMI uniform logo, and the corrugated paper is thickened and toughened to ensure that the product is in good condition.

Consistency Discreteness Standard

The smaller the discreteness of the chip, the more stable the chip. Through this strict inspection, the ASEMI brand rectifier bridge chip has higher consistency, eliminating the possibility of soft breakdown characteristics of the chip and ensuring the long-term use of the chip in various harsh environments.

Rectifier bridge reactor identification 7 methods

  • Visual inspection

    The surface should be clean, free from damage, dirt, no oxidation of the pins, no smudging, and clear silk screen


    The product specifications should meet the requirements of the technical documents or be consistent with the sealed samples.

    Withstand voltage test

    Apply 2000V AC to all terminals and the case for 60s. There should be no breakdown.

    Salt spray test

    According to GB2423.17 "Basic Environmental Test Procedures for Electrical and Electronic Products Test Ka: Salt Spray Test Method" test, the appearance should not show obvious oxidation and rust after the test.

  • Logo, packaging

    There should be a model mark and a polarity mark on the rectifier bridge. The package name should have the part name, model, quantity, production date and manufacturer's name or trademark.

    Mechanical behavior

    The pins of the rectifier bridge should meet the mechanical strength requirements of the technical conditions. If the rectifier bridge with screws, the mechanical strength of the screws should meet the specified requirements.

    Performance parameter test

    Test the forward and reverse characteristic parameters of each device in the rectifier block with the transistor characteristic plotter, which should meet the requirements of the relevant technical documents.





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