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2020 03-31
ASEMI switching power supply training In order to develop the switching power supply market and strengthen the employees' knowledge of the switching power supply system and services, ASEMI invited Fangcheng Power Supply President Li to conduct a set of training for our employees. During the training, Mr. Li from Fangcheng Power explained the aspects of switching power supply for us ...
2020 02-29
ASEMI's offline meeting with foreign customers Customers who have been contacted online by the Ministry of Foreign Trade have finally made an appointment today. As the so-called "chat hundreds of times, it is better to meet offline", this meeting will definitely deepen the cooperation between ASEMI and customers!
2020 01-07
2019 End of Year Award Ceremony of ASEMI In the past year, employees have stood firm in the fierce market competition, continued to learn, and used the strength of the team to create one after another. In the new year, I also believe that we will continue to sing along with the victory of Dongfeng and create greater glories!
2019 12-31
Asemi supply GBU808 to COSHIP At noon in August 2016, Manager Wang of Tongzhou Electronics just called and wanted to purchase the rectifier bridge GBU808 from us. "
2019 12-31
A win-win cooperation between ASEMI and XuJi Electric In the afternoon of June 2015, ASEMI welcomed a mysterious guest, that is, Mr.Li , the engineer of Xu Ji Electrical Engineering
2019 12-31
ASEMI Qingyuan travel at the end of the year From December 9th to 10th, the company organized a group building activity to report a group to participate in the two-day tour of Qingyuan. It's a bit regrettable this time that I didn't catch up with the rafting season. All the rafting projects were closed due to the low tide. But it doesn't matter, the following itinerary is also worth looking forward to.
2019 11-19
ASEMI enters the 2nd CIIE in Shanghai The 2nd International Import Expo in 2019 is still being carried out in Shanghai. On November 5, 2019, the grand opening of the book, General Secretary Xi Jinping said: China's open door will not be closed, it will only open wider. ASEMI is confident that one day, we can bring ASEMI products and even semiconductor chips, stand in the pavilion of the Expo, proudly introduce "Made in China" with the visiting audience
2019 10-31
ASEMI October birthday event In October, we celebrated the birthday of the great motherland. As a Chinese, we are proud, ASEMI is a Chinese brand, and we are proud!
2019 10-22
Company tenet Mission Customer first, professional service; teamwork, continuous improvement
2019 10-22
ASEMI cooperates with Precision Instrument Manufacturers When working with precision instrument electronic circuits, ASEMI cooperates with precision instrument manufacturers such as Dongtian Precision and Changqing Microwave, and more rectifier bridge specifications are available.