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(A) From Shenzhen baoan international airport to Asemi Technology Co.,Ltd ,located in the 38th floor, block A,world trade plaza,Fuhong road,Futian district: (38 km, it takes about 40 minutes) : starting from the Baoan International Airport, via the airport overpass about 2 km,from Hezhou station entry into Beijing-HongKong-Macao highway, leave off at Futian export or Huanggang export , drive into Shennan avenue east, via Shanghai hotel arrive Fuhong road then turn right.

(B) From Shenzhen north station to Asemi Technology Co.,Ltd:(15.8 km, about 28 minutes) :Shenzhen north station set off into the Zhiyuan road about 500 meters,drive into Liuxian avenue about 1.2 km, turn right into the Fulong road go straight about 6km, drive into Xiangmihu road,via Shennan avenue about 5 km, via Shanghai hotel overpass right into Fuhong road.

(C) From Luohu railway station to Asemi Technology Co.,Ltd : (6.6 km, about 22 minutes) : starting from the Luohu railway station, drive into People's south road about 800 meters,turn right into the Chunfeng road about 1 km, via Chuanbu road westbound about 2.4 kilometers, drive into Huangqiang south road about 400 meters,turn left into the Fuhua road about 570 meters, turn right into the Fuming road about 300 meters,via Shanghai hotel through the traffic lights turn right into the Shennan middle road 250 meters,then turn right into Fuhong road.

Bus or subway

(A)From Baoan Airport to Asemi Technology Co.,Ltd ,located in the 38th floor, block A,world trade plaza,fuhong road,futian district :(Whole route is about 35.5km, it takes about 53miutes,Metro Line 11 transfer Line 1) First take metro at Airport station for 7 stations by Line 11, next get off at Che Kung Temple Station,then walk 110m to transfer Line 1 for 5 stations, get off at Huaqiang road station Exit C, last walk for 340m to arrive.

(B)From Shenzhen North Station to Asemi Technology Co.,Ltd :(Whole route is about 12.9km, it takes about 31 miutes, Metro Line 4 transfer Line 1):First walk for 140m from North station, next take metro at by Line 4 for 7 stations(To Futian Port Direction),then transfer Line 1 at Convention and Exhibition Center Station for 2 stations, get off at Huaqiang road station Exit C, last walk for 340m to arrive .

(C)From Luohu Station to Asemi Technology Co.,Ltd:(Whole route is about 5.4km, it takes about 22miutes,Metro Line 1 direct arrive): First walk for 310m from Luohu Station, next take metro by Line 1 for 5 stations(To Airpost East Direction ), then get off at Huaqiang road station Exit C, last walk for 340m to arrive.

Headquarters address

Headquarters address:Floor 38th, Block A,World Trade Plaza ,Fuhong road No.9,Futian District,Shenzhen,P.R.China

400 Hot line:400-9929-467 24 Hour mobile:13632557728 E-mail: sales@asemi88.com

Branch address

Qingdao Factory Address: Second Industrial Zone, Hetao Import and Export Processing Zone, Chengyang District, Qingdao. Person in charge: Xu Yunzhi

Beijing Office Address: No. 8, Xueyuan Road, North Road, Forestry University, Haidian District, Beijing. Person in charge: Niu Jingyuan

Tianjin Office Address: No. 18, Xinghua Sizhi Road, Xiqing Development Zone, Tianjin. Person in charge: Zhao Haibo

Shanghai Office Address: Room 2108, Block A, 1060 Jinshajiang Road, Putuo District, Shanghai. Person in charge: Xue Hua

Guangzhou Office Address: Room 508, Longze Commercial Building, No. 129 Longkou East Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou. Person in charge: Zhang Jin

Sichuan Office Address: No. 148, Middle Section of Chuangye Avenue, Science and Education Pioneer Park, Mianyang City, Sichuan Province. Person in charge: Rao Bo