Brand Culture

Not first class, how can there be
rectification ability!

SINE 2001

ASEMI was born in Huaqiang North

At that time, Huaqiangbei electronics industry grew wildly, chaotic, disordered

ASEMI is different from the starting point

Adhere to the independent brand line and adhere to the road of quality

In the ridicule and questioning of many people, slowly develop and develop

ASEMI is in the storm

Pride and paranoia, retort those arrogance and paranoia

——To every ASEMI person who dreams of dreams

Brand Positioning

Power field rectification solution provider

Brand Interpretation

ASEMI brand originated in Taiwan

Throw the wings of the rectifier bridge with Taiwanese technology and craftsmanship

ASEMI means: Advanced is translated as "first core", Semiconductor, which is advanced semiconductor.

ASEMI professional grade power rectifier solution

— Power field rectification solution provider —

Brand Connotation

National standard

ASEMI, from Taiwan's advanced

technology Connect you and me,

inherit the craft, communicate

the brand, and output


Excellent results

Standardized rectifier bridge reactor

production, Taiwan KK packaging

equipment, production quality is


System solution

12 years, exporting Taiwan quality, to

provide you with a professional

power rectifier solution,

rest assured.

Brand Idea

Technology leader

Taiwan has a research and development center, and a production plant in Qingdao, China The R&D team consists of 27 senior engineers such as mechanical and electronic engineering.


Rectifier bridge chip 100% imported from Taiwan 6 passes per wafer


The country's first full set of Taiwan equipment and processes ASEMI reshapes rectifier bridge stack product standards


Rectifier bridge finished product 4 chip consistency test △ v ≤ 50VV Chip controlled leakage current is added to 2uA from 5uA


We insist on only the original authentic ASEMI brand Production supervision is strict, high reliability, focus on brand reputation

Brand Tonality

Here, define the enterprise process

Process ● Process ● Different ● System service provider

All products produced are in line with the European Union REACH regulations
Extreme iteration
ASEMI does not forget the initial heart, inContinuous innovation in the research and development of power rectifier components
ASEMI has always been striving for truth, forge ahead, and innovation.New, adhere to the principle of quality first
The fourth generation of technology presents, refactoring product technology Standards, leading industry norms

Brand Tonality

Origin · back

There is a saying in the ancient Chinese philosopher Laozi: "If

the white is insulting, the generous innocence will be late, the

big sound will be heard, and the elephant will be invisible.

"Thedream is buried deep under the nine places, and it can

moveabove nine days.Li always feels the chaos in the industrial

cleaning market, which takes ten years. Concentrate on research

to exceed industry standards, Subversive rectification

technology products are born.

Sailing and layout

Inheriting Taiwanese technology, starting from scratch, creating the ASEMI brand

Create the ASEMI brand with one hand

Li, who is a technical person, is calm and calm from his bones. Pursue the ultimate product with the spirit of craftsman

This also formed the artisan culture of Qiangyuanxin Electronics.

As the authoritative unit of the rectification industry, Qiang Yuanxin has several technical teams, after eight years

Developed rectification products with influence in the industry

The next generation of rectification technology will surely become the trend of the industry.

Future and outlook

"ASEMI wants to be an elephant with wings, a steady, flying elephant."

Enterprises are on the ring road of listing on the listing of the New Third Board. Our listing is not an end. The purpose is to integrate

resources from outside the industry and provide more comprehensive and systematic services for finished products manufacturers.

It is difficult to know how to do it, but this is eternal. - Li Qiang

Brand theory


The product technology has been developed since ancient times, and the development of high

technology has become more and more demanding on the process.The

rectification scheme protects the production of the

enterprise and lays the foundation for the

product quality of the enterprise.