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The misunderstanding trap of bridge rectifier purchase【ASEMI】

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As a purchasing manager, do you feel that your purchasing experience is very rich, and it is very effective to negotiate with the supplier to negotiate the price of the account period, which saves the company the material procurement cost and secretly fortunately? ASEMI's sales crown must be careful when purchasing the rectifier bridge from the perspective of the supplier. Because of this, you need to be rational and discreetly categorize the various quotation products. In order to avoid falling into the trap of purchasing misunderstanding, it will bring heavy trouble to your company.


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The misunderstanding trap of bridge rectifier purchase【ASEMI】

01.  Dont risk big things for the sake of small ones

The practice of many purchasers may be that at the same time, 3 to 5 suppliers will provide quotations, and the low price will be included in the purchase list. This is really wrong, why? Our rectifier bridge is a highly important component in the power supply. Its reliability and stability will also determine the reliability evaluation of the back-end load equipment. At present, there are many brands of rectifier bridges on the market, the quality is not good, and the prices are different. Use the price conditions to filter, then it is very likely to buy Li Wei or Li Gui, everyone should have a number.

Purchasing rectifier bridges is not like the ordinary consumer goods that we buy clothes, shoes and hats every day. There is no particularly high demand for the quality requirements of the products themselves. If you don't want to wear it, we are nothing more than losing the cost of purchasing a product. It doesn't hurt or itch. But if you purchase a low-quality rectifier bridge, what would you have to do if you thought about it? After the rectifier bridge is broken, it needs to be disassembled and reworked. The products shipped to the customer need to be recalled. If the logistics costs, public relations fees, and travel expenses are small. Then, due to product quality problems, the loss of default, the loss of customers or orders, the damage of word of mouth and brand image must be painful and painful. The price and value must be proportional. We must not only consider the procurement cost of raw materials, but also need to consider a lot of potential risk costs, and we need to understand that the risk cost is always more expensive than the material cost. Don't lose big losses because of the small price.

The misunderstanding trap of bridge rectifier purchase【ASEMI】 1

02. ASEMI - fair evaluation from the industry, consultancy services to customer protection

Our sales staff has never used a brilliant speech to induce customer transactions. We only use professional technical background to provide customer advisory services, and to be a good partner that can make customers feel at ease. Analyze the feasibility of the program for the customer and recommend a reasonable product mix, telling the customer what to buy best with friends' voices, what needs to be paid attention to, and how to improve the competitiveness of their products. Because we sell not only the supply of products, but the complete product solutions. Choosing an ASEMI rectifier bridge is tantamount to choosing a practical one that will protect you from the traps and nuisances of the quality of the market. The time saved can be used to develop products and deal with customers.


The above is the current situation of the rectifier bridge industry, the purchasers should pay attention to the purchase of rectifier bridges and the quality risks that may be encountered. The entire content of related issues. ASEMI Semiconductor has been focusing on power rectifiers for 12 years, providing you with complete solution services.

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