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Laser surface marking on ASEMI products

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ASEMI products use Taiwan's Jianding test equipment

ASEMI brand products are use high-quality process chips. The chips are high-quality process chips. The frame, epoxy plastic sealant, lead-free soldering piece and back-end lead plating are meets environmentally friendly requirement. The test equipment used is Taiwan's test equipment and testing are also strictly in accordance with the safety standards exported to Taiwan, Europe and the United States.

The surface of ASEMI brand MBR20100FCT is laser-printed with laser marking. The vinyl material is made of epoxy plastic material, the thickness of the lead is upgraded, and the thickness is 0.71mm. The frame, epoxy plastic sealant and lead-free soldering piece are used. Lead plating is made of materials that meet environmentally requirement to ensure the factory pass rate. The material of the lead is made of oxygen-free copper. The thickened pin design is not easy to bend and has good electrical conductivity.

ASEMI brand production Schottky diode series products have passed a number of environmental testing certification, is the choice of many customers! ASEMI brand schottky diodes are widely used in switching power supplies, inverters, drivers and other circuits, for high-frequency, low-voltage, high-current rectifier diodes, free-wheeling diodes, protection diodes or in the microwave communication circuit as a rectifier diode, small signal detection diode.

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