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Tell you ASEMI's core knowledge

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Powerful to know the "core"

"Developing Strong Yuan Culture - Creating Core Products" ASEMI is a brand that focuses on the supply of power rectifier devices. Since it establishment, after more than ten years of exploration and technological innovation has become an established player in the industry's comprehensive strength. ASEMI began a diversified development process in 1994, from small to 0.8A mini square bridge, to 500A rectifier bridge module, small square bridge from MBS package To MDQ, the large volume rectifier module of the MDS package.If you need purchasing rectifier bridge can refers to ASEMI brand.



Rising semiconductor brand - ASEMI

Asemi Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2008. It is a national high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research, development, manufacturing and sales. Independent brand ASEMI, specializing in rectifier bridges, diodes, power ICs, automotive diodes, rectifier modules, etc. 

Power Rectifier Supplier - ASEMI


Main products
Rectifier bridge series package (DB, WOB, BR, KBPC, KBP, KBPM, GBU, GBL, KBL, KBJ, KBU);
Rectifier module (MDS, MTC, MDQ, QLF, SQLF);
Car commutator (25A ~ 50A STD & TVS Button, Cell, MUR);
Power IC (PL33XX, PL37XX, PL311X);
MCU product series: (3W-100W), 1T8051MCU chip flash memory + 256B EEPROM + 1K & 256B SRAM + 20 Key T.K + 16ch 11b ADC + ACMP + 6ch PWM + DAC + OPA + T.S. + PLL and other functions



Everything is in an orderly development, everything is to fulfill our mission: reputation first, customer first.

ASEMI brand has always followed a principle in the quality of products: peace of mind, electronic components are different from other consumer goods, peace of mind is the very important principle.

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