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Difference from fast recovery and rectifier diode [ASEMI]

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diode differs from

ordinary retifier diode

What are the models of ASEMI fast recovery diodes? What is the difference between it and ordinary rectifier diodes?



Another classification of ASEMI semiconductor diode models is fast recovery diodes, complete and varied. It differs from ordinary rectifier diodes in that ordinary rectifier diodes (such as the 1N series) have a lower operating frequency, below 3 kHz, and when operating at higher frequencies, their forward and reverse voltage changes are slower than recovery time. Taking the manufacturing of the amplifier as an example, because the frequency range of the sound is 20 Hz to 20 kHz, many engineers think that the low frequency diode rectification has a detrimental effect on the sound of the amplifier. It is a good choice to use the fast recovery diode rectification.


Model number

The first classification is based on the current size, current from 1A to 30A, voltage from 200V-600V, such as small current SF34, SB520, high current MUR2040CT, MUR3060PT, etc. The second classification can be divided into small parts according to the package. Mini package like SMA, SMB, SMC,  general DIP package TO-220, SMD package has TO-263 , bigger one is TO-247 package such as SF26, MURF1040CT, MUR2040PT.



ASEMI brand ultra-fast recovery diode parameters: the switch performance is good industry standard, recognized by many power supply manufacturers, and the reverse recovery time is short, especially the fast recovery of ASEMI factory production, the reverse recovery time is only 35ns, especially outstanding One point is especially suitable for high frequency rectification.


Reverse recovery time

ASEMI engineers professionally explain the definition of reverse recovery time: from the electrophysical phenomenon, when the conduction state transitions to the off state, the diode needs to release the charge stored in the previous cycle before blocking the reverse current. This discharge time is called Reverse recovery time, reverse recovery time is actually caused by charge storage effect. The reverse recovery time is the time it takes for the stored charge to be exhausted.


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