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ASEMI Qingyuan travel at the end of the year

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ASEM team builds Qingyuan for two days

Regarding the city of Qingyuan, the phrase "one drift, two bubbles and three calls for chickens" circulated. The so-called "one drift" refers to the famous Qingyuan rafting; the "two bubbles" refers to the forest hot spring, and the last "three called chickens" refers to the famous Qingyuan local chicken.

From December 9th to 10th, the company organized a group building activity to report a group to participate in the two-day tour of Qingyuan. It's a bit regrettable this time that I didn't catch up with the rafting season. All the rafting projects were closed due to the low tide. But it doesn't matter, the following itinerary is also worth looking forward to.

On the day of departure, around 7am, everyone had already arrived at the meeting point designated by the tour guide. After about four hours of driving, I finally reached my destination. Of course, I first went to Qingyuan Gulong Gorge.

ASEMI team Qingyuan travel at the end of the year 2

The members followed the big team through the winding trails, boarded the glass bridge, and challenged the legendary world-recorded Boba

ASEMI team Qingyuan travel at the end of the year 3

ASEMI team Qingyuan travel at the end of the year 4

Back to the hotel at night, the warm forest hot springs will be arranged. After relaxing in a comfortable body and mind, the young ladies returned to the room and immediately lived up. They blew balloons, opened cakes, lit candles, and various snacks ... It turned out to be the birthday of a younger brother of the company


After the surprise, everyone sat around and played various games with laughter. It was hi until 3 in the morning, and the night was still full ...


The next day everyone signed up for the mountain bike, and I was very worried and scared before playing, but I found that I could n’t stop to play, and the experience was great !!


At lunch time, we take care of ourselves. The travel agency provides various ingredients for the tourists to make their own meals, so the following wonderful pictures are available (ASEMI's ace male chefs ) hhhh


After eating and drinking, of course, it is necessary to digest and come to the final link of the regimental construction-live CS field battle, everyone is very excited about this project, after all, people who have guns. So the "revenge for revenge" scene was officially staged

ASEMI team Qingyuan travel at the end of the year 9

The two-day trip to Qingyuan left us with too many happy memories. This group building activity made everyone relax and wholeheartedly, and was able to devote themselves to the later work. The big family of ASEMI always gives people a sense of unity and love!

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