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ASEMI switching power supply training

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In order to develop the switching power supply market and strengthen the employees' knowledge of the switching power supply system and services, ASEMI invited Fang Cheng Power Supply President Li to conduct a set of training for our employees.


Due to the COVID-2019 epidemic, the company advocated not to hold a gathering meeting, so selected some key sales personnel for training, and the meeting room adopted comprehensive ventilation measures. After the meeting room was fully disinfected and sterilized by the administrative staff, all the personnel who participated in the training passed Body temperature test before training.

In the training, Mr. Li of Fangcheng Power explained the several aspects of switching power supply for us:

A. External visible structure of power supply:

Input terminal: connected with a fuse, and marked with L, N, F, G, respectively representing the live line, neutral line, and ground line.

Output: Multi-line output, where V1, V2 indicate positive, V- or G indicates negative.


B. Common parameter series of power supply:

12V.24V.36V.48V, 3000V and 600W can be customized

C. Power ripple:

The power supply ripple is a phenomenon caused by the voltage fluctuation of the DC stable power supply, because the DC stable power supply is generally formed by the AC power supply through rectification and voltage stabilization, etc. For some AC components, this AC component superimposed on the DC stability is called ripple. In this respect, the power supply ripple of the switching power supply series manufactured by ASEMI is kept below 100mV, which can guarantee the stability of the switching power supply to the maximum extent.


D. Power protection:

Power protection is divided into over-temperature protection, over-voltage protection, over-current protection, etc., where over-voltage protection can be achieved by adding a regulator tube, over-temperature protection can be achieved by heating thermistor, NTC, etc. Over-current protection involves us The patent is not elaborated here, of course, this is also an advantage of ASEMI switching power supply.


In addition to the above data, President Li also talked about power factor, power supply efficiency and power supply application range. From the effect of training, it can be seen that the company is very focused on training. We fully felt the company's responsible attitude and good intentions to the employees during the training, let us integrate into one, we will be correct in our future work, work harder and more confident !

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