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ASEMI's Guilin Tour

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On June 19th, 2015, all members of ASEMI ushered in our long-awaited romantic tour of Guilin, Guangxi. With a pleasant mood and unlimited hope for ASEMI, we walked into Guilin together to experience the beauty of team spirit and the beauty of the motherland.


【Totem Trail】

It tells the cultural monuments of the people of Guilin who were more than 10,000 years ago, and the scenes of the living conditions at that time. ASEMI official website professional photographer Li Hang, dissolved into the mysterious ancient tribe, with them singing and dancing, watching thrilling stunts to visit the secret totem, just to bring you the  authentic totem.


【Beautiful scenery of Lijiang River】

Enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way: the mountains and waters of the mountains, the harmony between the mountains and the waters, the mountains and the waters, the countryside of the people, the bamboos along the river, and the smoke; the natural beauty and natural beauty. ASEMI's official website gives you the authentic experience, making you feel like you are in it.


Have you been beautiful by the scenery of the Lijiang River? Anyway, I am already intoxicated !


【Silver rock scenic spot】

Silver rock scenic spot Holiday Scenic Area has a vast field before the integration of nature and human landscape. The beautiful Xiaoqing Mountain and Chaozhai Mountain rise from the ground, and thousands of acres of peach trees are scattered among them. The four seasons of flowers and fruits are scattered in the sky. The red cliff fitness rock climbing is endlessly memorable, making people forget to return. The silver rock is a layered cave, lifelike and vivid. Known as "the world's karst art treasure house" I have said that I have seen Silver rock, and I don’t need money for a lifetime.

Look at this colorful silver rock, the accumulation, weathering and sedimentation of various crystals for thousands of years. There is a very popular custom in the local area, "touching the silver rock, the financial resources are rolling."


【The Butterfly Spring】

The scenic spot is named after the mountains, water, rocks, caves, spring waterfalls and the original original ecology of the Miao and Miao styles. It can be in close contact with the famous 101-year-old Zhaizhai and Miaowang descendants, and gather with the Miao Miaomei. One, listen to the sound of the sounds of the heavens---the passionate song of the Dai people. Dance and fly with your heart, come and enjoy the beautiful.



A short three-day holiday is fleeting. The mission team of ASEMI official website, with a team of photographers, lighting engineers and so on, came here to take pictures of our moments and convey our sincere wishes. Want to know more about the team and information that belongs to ASEMI?  Click website:http://www.asemi99.com

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