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ASEMI Thermal Diode - MBR10200CT

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ASEMI Schottky Diode MBR10200CT is available in a semi-plastic TO-220 package with a foot length of 13.6mm, a foot width of 0.81mm, a length of 10.16mm, a height of 15.0mm, a foot spacing of 2.54mm, and a foot thickness of 014mm. , thickness: 4.57mm.


As mentioned before, it is a conventional Schottky diode, which is not surprising. But in fact, as a 12-year rectification industry brand, ASEMI has the strength that you have not tapped, and continue to look at it:

ASEMI Schottky diode MBR10200CT iron head package provides better heat dissipation performance


This Schottky diode is packaged in an iron head designed to solve heat dissipation problems. The type marking method using the iron head package is that the common MBR10200CT is different from the MBR10200FCT in the all plastic package.

This package can greatly improve the effective heat dissipation efficiency of the power supply, and is suitable for circuits with high heat generation or high heat dissipation requirements.


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