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ASEMI October birthday event

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BOSS Lee's birthday party

01 : Sharing makes me happy and progressive

Under the leadership of BOSS Lee, ASEMI has a good habit of catching the golden time every morning and sharing it after morning exercise. Everyone who enters the company is full of energy. Without too much language, each other's smile can encourage each other.

In the 40 minutes, we absorbed well, corrected the bad things, and made ourselves better.

At the same time, the morning meeting will also share the good news of some companies or the good news of everyone, and the good things will be shared with everyone.

This morning, Miss Dong announced that Damon had won the trust of customers when she visited the customer yesterday. The customer decided to place an order in batches. Congratulations to him. The early morning news is even more exciting.

Another message that we know is that today is BOSS Lee’s birthday, and wish you a happy birthday!

Since there is a good thing, then we will celebrate it in the afternoon. Cake fruit afternoon tea also has a symposium, arranged.

ASEMI October birthday event

02 : ASEMI Symposium

While eating cakes, BOSS Libian shared with us the experience of his life, cooperation with customers and so on. Every time we can always sum up in these experiences, and then apply to our usual work or communication with customers.

Damon also shared and simulated the problems he encountered during his visit and how he solved it. Everyone listened very seriously and ate very seriously. It may be hungry.

Because everyone agrees that we are generally hungry in the afternoon after the 38th floor.


03: October Patriotic Month

In October, ASEMI had good news and it was the birthday of the great motherland. As a Chinese, I am proud of the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China in 2019. As a Chinese brand, ASEMI is proud. The red flag fluttered and the cockroach rose. Blessing our country's prosperity and getting better and better, ASEMI is getting better and better!

ASEMI October birthday event

We are not only good at the atmosphere, but also very experienced for the electronics industry! Look forward to working with you!

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