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ASEMI logo upgrade!

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ASEMI Replacement Logo Font Notice

Due to the brand's worldwide strategy, improved quality, and particularly good service to customers, we will improve the silk screen process and improve production efficiency. ASEMI brand products "Schottky Diode" and other product models, laser marking LOGO style changed from "original art font" to the new version "Chinese Chinese Song italic bold" font.


In addition to the laser marking process, such as the production process, product quality, electrical testing, packaging methods and other links are no longer included in this adjustment. The transition period has been implemented since September 1, 2014. The original old plate products are still valid and are expected to be fully updated by December 30th. Then the old models will no longer produce new batches, please the major agent dealers to do customer service, and help the company to protect the rights of the brand.


ASEMI is dedicated in rectifier bridge manufacturing and focusing on the field of power rectifiers for 12 years, Taiwan-funded enterprises have a research and development team of 170 people and a production workshop of 8500 square meters. 28 advanced Taiwan Jianding test lines ensure that  product has entered the strict inspection process, which guarantees the factory yield rate. The production process is good, the quality is good, and the stability is high. Therefore, customers who have used ASEMI brand products are willing to stick to it.

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