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ASEMI KBPC1010 solves heating problem

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The engineering design power supply rectifier bridge KBPC1010 or the purchase of rectifier bridge components, often encounter the anomalies of abnormal heating and temperature rise too high.

Everyone knows that the temperature of the rectifier bridge is too high, which is very bad. First of all, there is a hidden danger in the heating of the circuit, so the safety certification can not pass. Secondly, the temperature rise is too high, and the aging of the components is serious, which will reduce the service life of the rectifier bridge KBPC810 and cause damage in advance, so that the quality reputation of the finished power supply faces the test of dishonesty.

What's more, if the temperature rise is too high, the efficiency of the power supply product will decrease, and the energy consumption will not be saved. Therefore, the purchase of a KBPC1010 that is not hot and reliable is the expectation of everyone in the industry, ASEMI's rectifier bridge KBPC1010 with heat sink cooling function


ASEMI new KBPC1010 is still the mainstream KBPC-4 small body package, which is no different from the mainstream products in the market, and does not affect the interchangeability between them. The bright spot is that a high-grade heat-dissipating aluminum substrate is installed on the top of the body, because the heat conduction of the material is very fast and rapid.

It can quickly extract the heat generated from the deep internal chip and quickly dissipate it from the aluminum substrate on the back.Solve the heating problem of KBPC1010, just like taking a small air conditioner to eliminate heat, and protect the rectifier bridge for stable and reliable operation.


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