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ASEMI has been to serviced water heater manufacturer

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Choose again, repeat purchases, continue to purchase, deep cooperation... ASEMI Rectifier Bridge, thanks to the customers who are most trust us .

Safe choice ASEMI

Huadong Electric - the second is behind

March is the time to plant hope. Just in the first year of the year, Miss Sun of East China Electric has said that she has received a lot of orders since the beginning of the year, and it is a good sign that she is waiting for her production. Increased production, so need to order the ASEMI rectifier bridge again.

Shanghai Huadong Electric Group Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise group with multiple operating, cross-industry and self-support import and export rights, which are mainly engaged in the production of complete sets of electrical equipment and low-voltage electrical components, wires and cables.

In addition to East China Electric, ASEMI is also favored by many electrical companies this year. Oaks air conditioning is one of them.

ASEMI has been professional to service water heater manufacturer 1

Oaks continues to purchase large quantities

I believe that any company with a brand and a dream will definitely want to find the quality of the product when it purchases a high-quality rectifier bridge, and it is professionally produced and has a better performance. In the field of rectification, ASEMI using GPP gold-plated process chips, high-purity oxygen-free copper to build the frame and pins. Only for a more stable and safe quality. ASEMI product features: good stability, good consistency, good anti-surge, safer production and installation!

In order to strictly control the quality of brand production,  ASEMI brand and Qingdao factory invested in the construction of the manufacturing factory, the products are using Taiwan Jianding and Guankui production line for high-precision testing, to ensure that  product is undergoing a rigorous test. It can withstand the test of complicated and harsh environment.

ASEMI has been professional to service water heater manufacturer 2

Brand cooperation

As a purchaser, are you required by the company to find a supply partner with a high level of service and stable quality? Might you can consider ASEMI.

In 12 years, we have been concentrating on doing one thing and deepening the field of power rectifier devices.

There is always a point of the ASEMI that will make you satisfied.

ASEMI has been professional to service water heater manufacturer 3

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