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ASEMI enters the 2nd CIIE in Shanghai

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The 2nd International Import Expo in 2019 is still being carried out in Shanghai. On November 5, 2019, the grand opening was opened. The main venue was shaped like a four-leaf clover. The mascot panda at the door was also very embarrassing. It represented warmth and welcome, and smiled at every exhibitor and audience.

By the way, the little panda has a very blessed name called “Jinbao”. I wish every friend who came to the Expo will be thriving and lucky.

ASEMI enters the China International Import Expo’(CIIE)in Shanghai 1

This is one of the most eye-catching and anticipated international events at the end of 2019. ASEMI will naturally not miss this opportunity to participate in the Expo and learn more about the world's top technology, high-end technology, and high quality. The products can also obtain more market information resources and development trends.

The volunteers of the pavilion will send a beautifully printed map of the visit, which is very intimate and clearly marked by the various pavilions. These will make you feel Shanghai - this is a city with temperature, this is a city with high efficiency management, enthusiasm, generosity and tolerance. In this event, Shanghai is also responding to the national strategy, deepening reform and opening up, pioneering and innovating, and leading the future.

ASEMI enters the China International Import Expo’(CIIE)in Shanghai 2

During the visit, ASEMI sent a prestigious director. However, even the well-informed Director Dong was surprised by the Expo. Stepping into the national pavilion, the Chinese pavilion is transparent and there is no wall, which reflects China's more open and transparent attitude. It also reflects the concept of future sharing and shows the country's more open attitude. To attract global business products to enter the Chinese market, promote domestic consumption, lead the global economy, and improve the quality of life of the people in the country.

ASEMI enters the China International Import Expo’(CIIE)in Shanghai 3

More than 3,000 companies from more than 150 countries and regions signed up for the exhibition, and 500,000 professional buyers and visitors signed up for registration. The average exhibition area of exhibitors was 93 square meters, which was more than 20% higher than the first one. From July to October, the consultation was related. The number of hotline telephones has reached 70,000, which is 21,000 more than the same period of last year... The 2nd China International Import Expo, which is about to kick off, is larger, wider and more enthusiastic than the first one.

ASEMI enters the China International Import Expo’(CIIE)in Shanghai 4

Throughout the exhibits of various countries, we deeply feel that the achievements brought by technological innovation are constantly emerging. Entering the Expo, bringing together top talents in all high-tech and high-skilled fields. Hyundai Motor Showcases a new generation of hydrogen energy fuel vehicles; Panasonic's OLED transparent TVs and other products reflect technological innovation, AI technology and so on.

Through this exhibition, ASEMI Director General deeply felt that China has made great achievements in the 40 years of reform and opening up. General Secretary Xi Jinping said: China's open door will not be closed, and it will only grow wider.

ASEMI enters the China International Import Expo’(CIIE)in Shanghai 5

However, although the Expo is grand, involving semiconductors such as electronic chips, it is still a minority. China's chip and semiconductor industries are still in the state of research and development, and more efforts are needed to take this longer path. ASEMI is confident that one day, we will be able to bring ASEMI products and even semiconductor chips, standing in the pavilion of the Expo, proudly introducing "Made in China" with the visiting audience.

ASEMI enters the China International Import Expo’(CIIE)in Shanghai 6

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