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ASEMI employees' voices - A Le

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1. Empathy;

It is a way of thinking about others, that is, thinking about what people think, understanding the supremacy of dealing with interpersonal relationships. People must understand each other, trust, and learn to empathize. This is the basis for interpersonal communication: mutual tolerance, understanding, and more thinking from the perspective of others.

2, the first impression;

It is mainly based on the impressions of the other person's expressions, gestures, body, instruments and clothing.

3. Instrumentation;

Beautiful, clean, hygienic, simple and decent.

4. Telephone etiquette;

You must never smoke, drink tea or eat snacks during the phone call. You should pick up the earpiece accurately and quickly. It is best to answer within three voices. The words should be polite, such as hello, please, thank you, sorry, goodbye.

5, telephone pick up;

Treat each other with courtesy, timely communication, and record content.

6, handing etiquette;

Take things with both hands.

7, elevator etiquette;

When guiding the passengers to take the elevator, the receptionist first enters the elevator. When the guest enters, the elevator door is closed. When arriving, the receptionist presses the "open" button to let the passenger get out of the elevator first.

8, daily office etiquette;

Office personnel should be dignified, neat, simple, decent, and behave routinely and skillfully.

9, ride etiquette;

When you take a car with your elders and leaders, you must enter the seat in the honorable order. The seats in the car are the rear row, the front row is the bottom, and the three seats in the back row are the top right and the left one, that is Said that the position diagonal to the driver is the most distinguished position in the car. Next is the rear left seat, the front right seat.

10. Etiquette of WeChat friends circle;

The avatar should be replaced with a decent personal avatar, and the name should be changed to its own name.

11, the spirit of the team;

The core is synergy. Collaboration is the indispensable essence of any team. It is based on the selfless dedication based on mutual trust, and the team members complement each other.

12, the strength of the team;

Teamwork can inspire the incredible potential of team members so that everyone can exert the strongest power. However, the result of one plus one is greater than two, that is to say, the results of team work can often exceed the sum of individual performance of members.

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