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【ASEMI】2018 LED EXPO ended successfully

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LED EXPO   was held on 6t -8th Dec in India exhibition centre In just three days, Indian friends’ love for us is overwhelming The crowd before the ASEMI's booth was endless.

2018 LED EXPO圆满落幕,感谢国外客户一直以来对ASEMI的认可与支持!


Today, the development of led brings great convenience to the complete solution for lighting in public, commercial and private spaces. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection and the urgent need to reduce carbon emissions, the government and various industries have chosen LED lighting as an ideal source.

LED lamps are rapidly replacing traditional halogen lamps, so environmentally friendly halogen-free, LowVF, and ASEMI rectification products that meet the six-level energy efficiency standard have also become the choice for LED lighting drive .

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The LED Expo, hosted by Messe Frankfurt, brings a stage to the entire lighting and power industry that brings together the needs of Indian audiences and exhibitors.

The Frankfurt exhibition is the organizer of the industry's most respected lighting + architectural exhibitions, which have been held in Frankfurt, Moscow, Buenos Aires, Shanghai, Guangzhou and the Middle East.

2018 LED EXPO圆满落幕,感谢国外客户一直以来对ASEMI的认可与支持!


This time, 'LED Expo India' is the most trusted trade and exhibition platform for the Indian lighting industry. The scale of exhibitions, invitations and visitors is the highest in India. Here is an overview of the exciting moments in the LED Expo India exhibition by ASEMI.

2018 LED EXPO圆满落幕,感谢国外客户一直以来对ASEMI的认可与支持!

The LED EXPO was be held at the India Exhibition Centre for a period of three days from 6th-8th Dec, 2018.  In just three days, the Indian friends’ love for us was overwhelming, and the crowds before the ASEMI booth were endless.

2018 LED EXPO圆满落幕,感谢国外客户一直以来对ASEMI的认可与支持!

The 'Belt and Road' has not only strengthened the links between China and India in economic and trade exchanges, but also deepened the friendship between the two peoples. During our trip to New Delhi, we met with old friends and met new guests. When the relationship became close, mutual trust continued to deepen.

2018 LED EXPO圆满落幕,感谢国外客户一直以来对ASEMI的认可与支持!

Invited to travel to India again, this station, we went to the capital of India, New Delhi. There is no luxury atmosphere in Bollywood in Mumbai, and there is no seriousness in the industrialization of Bangalore. New Delhi embraces friends from all over the world with the atmosphere of the capital.

2018 LED EXPO圆满落幕,感谢国外客户一直以来对ASEMI的认可与支持!

LED lighting/LED driver customers, their commonality at the exhibition, is their unified goal, mostly low-voltage drop Schottky diodes, small package fast recovery diodes and surface mount diodes  . This also means that 'high efficiency, environmental protection, low energy consumption' has become the development trend of the whole industry. ASEMI is committed to building on the pursuit of branded services, with outstanding nuclear quality as the innovation goal, to provide customers with low power consumption, high efficiency, high consistency, and discrete power supply rectification core products for development advantages.

2018 LED EXPO圆满落幕,感谢国外客户一直以来对ASEMI的认可与支持!

Customers in smart homes have also generated great interest in our products, because on the one hand, the current, voltage and energy effects of the load required by smart homes have extremely high requirements for rectification products; on the other hand, smart homes as high-end terminals Develop products with strict classification in environmental protection requirements, qualification standards and corporate strength

2018 LED EXPO圆满落幕,感谢国外客户一直以来对ASEMI的认可与支持!

ASEMI brand rectifier bridge, Schottky diode, fast recovery diode, rectifier module and new upgraded products - power IC, LED special IC, product quality is reliable, the chip uses  GPP chip, sufficient quality, discrete The good stability and good stability ensure the long-term stability of the product and provide the necessary guarantee for the safety of the production machine.

2018 LED EXPO圆满落幕,感谢国外客户一直以来对ASEMI的认可与支持!

Memory in  Agra

Before the expo, we had the privilege of going to Agra, India, to unveil the vicissitudes of history and the mysterious veil, and to see the beauty of Taj Mahal. Understand the story behind the Taj Mahal, and we have a deeper understanding of the initial and commitment. This beautiful queen may not have expected that the three promises she left behind hollowed out all the wealth of the Mughal Empire, took away all the thoughts of King Shah Jahan, and left a fascinating treasure today.

The gentleman is arrogant, and it is difficult to chase after a word. This is a cherish for personal credibility and a concern for the promiser.

Emphasis on commitment and integrity, this is the initial heart of ASEMI. Using good conscience to make a good core is ASEMI's insistence on integrity

ASEMI has been focusing on rectification for 12 years, and the brand is sincere. Service is visible

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