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ASEMI attended the 13th AEF

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June 2017

The 13th Asian Electronic Forum (AEF) is an annual international event in the field of electronic electronics in Asia. The electronics industry elites and entrepreneurs from all over the world come together to discuss and exchange views on important issues affecting the Asian electronics industry.

●  The Asia Electronics Forum was held in Manila, Philippines from June 19 to June 24, 2017. The 14th Philippine Electronics Show (PSECE) was also held in the Philippines.


ASEMI shares the key notes of this forum

As a world-wide e-economic forum, the forum and exhibition will emphasize with the leaders of enterprises, project R&D and innovators in various countries that the global development of the electronics industry is definitely not competition. AEF encourages everyone to join the forum and The trend of globalization is complemented by development, mutual benefit and win-win


Aims of the 13th Asian Electronic Forum :

1、Discuss and promote the role of the Asian Electronic Forum

2、Promote free trade between member states and business alliances

3、Cultivate closer economic ties - establish communication channels, promote more information exchange, inform member states of new government policies on imports, taxes, standards and technologies, and environmental/ecological legislation

4、Standardized product market standards - current market and economic conditions, future product trends and technological developments, environmental issues, and the development of clear standards and regulations

5、Improve the status and influence of electronic associations


Talk theme of Asian Electronic Forum :

The Asian Electronic Forum (AEF) is the annual event for the Asian electronic information industry. It is also an authoritative forum for exploring the development direction of the smart industry and promoting the progress of the electronic information industry in Asia.

In this forum, senior officials from the Global Electronics Industry Association and representatives of corporate elites in the electronic information industry in Asia have conducted in-depth discussions on the theme of the "IA (Industrial Association)", for the exchange and cooperation of national electronics industry associations and the world. The development of the electronic information industry provides new thinking and direction.


Representatives of the China Electronics Chamber of Commerce published a keynote speech on 'The Trend of Consumer Electronics Industry Development' at this forum, summarizing the six major trends in the development of the consumer electronics industry.

The concept of consumer electronics products is expanding, and will be further networked, intelligent, and digital, moving toward green, environmental protection, and energy conservation, and innovation is the mainstream of consumer electronics development in the future. In the future, the challenges and dilemmas that consumer electronics will face will also increase, because consumer electronics will only rely on services to make money in the future, and the era of hardware making money has passed.


As the 'key event' of the Asian Electronic Forum, the results of the "Asian Electronic Information Industry Product Innovation Award" were also announced at the forum. This award not only represents the highest level of innovation in Asia, but also reflects the company's dominant position in the market competition.


The 'Asian Electronic Information Industry Product Innovation Award' was launched on May 11th in the consumer protection platform. There are 60 top innovation companies participating in the competition. Among them, 20 companies have successfully entered the top 20 with leading votes. The iconic award of the electronics industry 'Asia Electronic Information Industry Product Innovation Award.'

The 14th Philippine Electronics Exhibition:

The opening speech of PSECE


Beautiful start-up ceremony


Shenzhen E-Commerce Philippines delegation took a group photo in front of the Chinese exhibition stage


Photo with Hottech Semiconductor


Photo with Han's Laser's representative


Photo with ON Semiconductor


The staff at the scene is full of charm


The representative of China participates in the exhibition of the counter, and a progress hall can see the bright Chinese capital in bold


A group photo of representatives of the National Electronic Chamber of Commerce, I wish AEF and PSECE better and better

Nowadays, electronic products have become an indispensable part of human life, and the development level of electronic information industry has become an important indicator to measure the level of social and economic development.

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