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ASEMI Schottky Diode MBR2045CT

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The ASEMI-MBR2045CT package is available in a TO-220 package with three pins. The body length and height data are 10.16mm, 15.00mm, and the leg length is 13.6mm.

In addition, we would like to introduce the Schottky parameter data: first, its average maximum forward rectification is 20 amps, the maximum reverse withstand voltage is 45V, and the peak inrush current is 120 amps. The leakage current is only 20 microamperes. This Schottky is widely used in small and medium-sized switching power supplies. In recent years, it has gradually become one of the Schottky types that are exported to Europe and the United States.

MBR2045CT ASEAN Schottky.3MBR2045CT ASEAN Schottky.2

Interpretation of the figure below, we can understand:

Package: TO-220

Maximum reverse withstand voltage: 45V

Maximum forward current: 25A

Power characteristics: high power

Frequency characteristics: IF

Package form: in-line/DIP type

Working temperature: -40~150(°C)

MBR2045CT ASEAN Schottky.1

In addition to MBR2045CT, the Schottky naming of other models in the same series of packages can also be clarified. For example, the first two numbers represent the rated current, (ampere); the last two numbers represent the rated voltage (number), and the unit is "V", which is volt. Therefore, the parameters of this model of MBR2045CT can be instantly read as 20A, 45V (other models of rectifier bridges can also be inferred by 100, 200, 40, respectively, representing 100V, 200V, 40V of the voltage range).

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