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Highly trusted! ASEMI and Hong Kong Jianlong!

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Since 2006, ASEMI has passed the test of the product supplier of Shenzhen Rongyang (Yuzhiliang) Electronics Factory, a subsidiary of Hong Kong Jianlong Group. It has been cooperating for more than three years and has been rated as a quality supplier every year.

This year, ASEMI officially negotiated a long-term cooperation agreement with Jianlong Group, and obtained a high degree of recognition from Jianlong Group to formally establish a long-term partnership. Recalling the days that have passed together in the past years, ASEMI started in 2006 with a small ASEMI brand patch bridge MB6S successfully "into" Jianlong Group Shenzhen Electronics Factory. I remember that year is the hottest LED At the time, ASEMI's rectifier bridge MB6S is often in short supply. The  impressive time is about 3 times a week delivery, often the rectifier bridge MB6S goods arrived, are not in a hurry to express, need to drive directly, every week to go to Longgang's Hefei Jinyuan Industrial Zone Three or four, busy and happy.

With its excellent quality and considerate service, the company has adopted several other advantageous rectifier bridges such as DB107, KBP206, GBU406 and KBU808 in the follow-up cooperation. By adopting the application of our bridge stack to the LED driver power supply, the Jianlong Group has solved the phenomenon that the outdoor LCD screen power supply that was often encountered before is not durable, and greatly improved the quality.


Jianlong Group is a high-tech production enterprise group mainly engaged in the research, development and application of LED related products, related products and applied products. It is currently a well-known manufacturer engaged in LED packaging and production to China, Providing high-quality products and services.

For more than 20 years, the business scope covers the LED industry's circuit boards, light-emitting diodes, LED spot welding machines, digital tube module modules, LED environmental protection light sources, LED switching power supplies, LED full-color integrated circuits, LED display projects, etc. Various areas of expertise.

Shenzhen Rongyang (Yuzhiliang) Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary invested by Jianlong Group in the mainland. It is a comprehensive high-tech enterprise integrating the development, production, sales and engineering services of LED optoelectronic products. At present, there are professional manufacturers of LED indoor and outdoor electronic screens (lead-free screens) and design and installation companies for lighting and lighting projects. He has completed the project of Shanghai F1 and Los Angeles Sunset Boulevard. ASEMI's stable supply of ASEMI brand MB6S and KBU808 products to Yuzhiliang's LED screens products.


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