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[Happy National Day] ASEM elite team travels

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30th September 2017

When it comes to this trip, it is as early as the beginning of September, ASEMI's friends have been "uneasy". On September 30th, in order to celebrate the arrival of the National Day and reward the team's outstanding sales performance in September, before the National Day holiday, the ASEM elite team seized the tail of September and met Shenzhen Central Park. The field says "go travel"!

[Happy National Day] ASEM elite team travels.2

This is not a simple trip, but it is indeed a walk away.

Starting from the assembly of ASEMI Shenzhen Huaqiang North Headquarters, we began the challenge of walking 20 kilometers in Shenzhen Central Park  under the leadership of Mr.Li . The friends are promoting the spirit of ASEMI, and the belief in the strength and challenge of action is implicit in the hearty smile and the unity of a united team. Look at the camera, laugh one, let's take a step, open our arms, and set off!

[Happy National Day] ASEM elite team travels.4

The weather on the 30th was very helpful, and it turned into a cool, cool and cool summer. The flag is moving forward, the wind blows the flag, the wind moves, the movement, our heart!

Walking between the lush trees and measuring the earth with the soles of the feet helps us to relieve the pressure of the office work; the air purified by the trees carries the dampness of the air, and enjoys the free oxygen  between the breaths!

[Happy National Day] ASEM elite team travels.3

The clear streams and the fish that swims add a lot of fun to the rest of our journey. Li Hang is not the flag bearer for many years, this flag waving posture is bursting out! In this picture, the author is standing on the same slate as the heavyweight Zhou Chao, or the seat of the seesaw. In this article, the author can only say that Zhou Chao’s weight loss for many days is still fruitful. Thanks to Zhou Chao for not letting me get into the water!

At the end of the break, we "open the tears without saying a word!" Speaking of ASEMI's tearing of famous brands, this is Zhou Chao's special, but this time the ability is not to be robbed by Li Hang.

In the chaos, Zhou Chao was torn off the famous brand, and the girls made an effort to send our company commander and Xiaohua together.

[Happy National Day] ASEM elite team travels.5

Ripping brand-name really feels tired without hiking. We consume a lot of energy in running and playing, and we are not afraid of the grass clippings sticking to the clothes, all of them fall to the ground and do not want to stand up. On the last lap, I completed the agreement to walk around the Central Park for 5 laps, but we were too tired to forget the agreement to go to the buddy to eat watermelon.

Did Mr. Li see it? We are all too tired to stand up, take us to dinner! Let us give the National Day holiday let us go home and rest!

[Happy National Day] ASEM elite team travels.3

Every casual moment, every smile and vivid expression, has our general Li. Just like in our daily work, the people who lead us are also the ones who are most concerned about the subtle feelings of everyone. The performance is more and more prominent, and the company is getting stronger and stronger not only because of the efforts of everyone, the contribution of the team, but also because We have such a strong brand support platform and company leadership as ASEMI!

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