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Cost of ASEMI-GPP chips?

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Do you know what chip is used in the ASEMI bridge stack? If you don't understand, let us know now that the ASEMI semiconductor bridge stacks use GPP chips.  At present, the more advanced bridge stack chip is the GPP chip. This chip has great improvement in resistance to external interference, product stability and heat resistance. The chip has high stability and strong impact resistance. The internal four chips are highly consistent in dispersion.

ASEMI reveals the rectifier bridge process!.3

ASEMI-Production Equipment

ASEMI Semiconductor has the advanced production equipment, and rigorous production control process, fully automatic integrated production line, from chip production to finished product welding, using intelligent production line, Jianding integrated testing equipment to ensure the passing rate of products.

ASEMI reveals the rectifier bridge process!2

ASEMI factory

In fact, as early as 2004, at that time, there were already a large number of semiconductor manufacturers with 4 inch and 6 inch silicon wafer production lines, using 0.35, 0.5, 0.8 and 1 micron node production processes. At the end of 2008, STMicroelectronics introduced a more detailed 0.18-micron CMOS process and completed the acceptance test for mass production. The investment is getting bigger and bigger, the process is getting better and better, and the chip quality has become the advantage of GPP. This is why ASEMI Semiconductor has selected GPP chip among many chip manufacturers, although the cost is high, but the quality and safety factor.  


Parameter detection and packaging equipment

Secondly, the various tests after the chip formation, electrical monitoring and other costs, said that the "heart" is important, the same, the "body" of the bridge pile is also the key. Here we have to explain the package cost of ASEMI semiconductor bridge stack, the main thing is the process equipment. the bridge stacks produced by ASEMI Semiconductor will be tested by Taiwan Guankui equipment for performance parameters. At the same time, Taiwan KK equipment will be used for packaging processing, laser laser standard, epoxy plastic material, and high-purity oxygen-free copper pins. From the inside out, from head to toe to ensure the high performance stability and electrical conductivity of ASEMI semiconductor products.

ASEMI reveals the rectifier bridge process!1

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