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ASEMI,we are big family

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Simple team competition game, fierce competition, fun!

Wonders are continuing, please don't go away

[This week's ASEMI team game: Aquarius points] The rules are as follows: The three are a team, two members of the team pull the third member's one-handed one foot, and assist the third member to fix the other one. However, under the premise of the line, the water bottle in the distance can be reached by hand.

ASEMI to be NO.1W.e are fire!.5

Under the leadership of "integrity" Li Hang, the brave team took the lead to demonstrate various game methods for each team (wrong)

ASEMI to be NO.1W.e are fire!.4

Next to the melons, the masses of the people pointed and pointed, and the two brawny men with the back of the chest were disgusted and disdainful. This is destined to be a funny attempt to touch the strength!

Spiritual return, official PK started!

ASEMI to be NO.1W.e are fire!.2

The captain of the God of War team is known as the "old fox" in the ASEMI family, known as "Knowledge and self-confidence, and no wars".

The author inserts a brain teaser here: --- Do you know why the fox always slips? ---Because the fox is licking (foot slippery)!

ASEMI to be NO.1W.e are fire!.10

Therefore, the super brother's various foot-slip postures, this folding long legs is also distressing!

Because of the strength of the team, I can go further and achieve more difficult goals!

Finally, our three "heavyweight" players came out! Not to bear the reputation of the "Flying Tigers", it is really imposing, and it is awesome!

ASEMI to be NO.1W.e are fire!.2

Team victory and collective honor will give a person more power and momentum!

The players who struggled in front, in order to relieve the pressure of their own teammates, supported most of the body's strength with their elbows.

The sweat that was struggling to get together was integrated into a small beach on the floor, and the elbows that were rubbed forward were wiped into clear traces of each other, and then evaporated and faded in the sunlight until they disappeared.

ASEMI to be NO.1W.e are fire!.9

ASEMI gave me a red "armor" with fire and enthusiasm, I am Superman return!

The game is over, let's sit down and talk about the feelings in the game.

After a few minutes and seconds of sweating, this quiet allows the little friends to find out the original meaning and value of the game. Believe in pulling you, behind the support and help your teammates want to achieve the goal, you must team unity and go all out! The happiness of a person's victory is addition, and when this happiness is generated in the team, it is multiplication, multiplication!

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