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ASEMI share 2017WEF with you

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ASEMI takes you to 2017WEF!.2

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From October to November 2017, at the invitation of Ms. Xu Huiying, Secretary General of Shenzhen Electronic Commerce Association, Ms. Dong Jingjing, the representative of ASEMI China and the general manager of Asemi Technoligy Co.,Ltd. together with representatives of outstanding domestic entrepreneurs, went to romantic and fashionable France to participate. 2017WEF event!

ASEMI takes you to 2017WEF!.3

It is an international level event and conference, focusing on projects in different fields from a global perspective, with the aim of analyzing the most relevant mainstream technology applications and thematic forums for recent developments and best practices in different engineering fields.

· Infrastructure and networks for a safe and sustainable environment;

• How can modern and effective infrastructure and networks promote social and economic development in a safe and sustainable manner?

· Human heritage projects;

· Open debate on technologies such as sustainable environments, conservation of cultural heritage, green buildings and infrastructure, disaster prevention, safety and security, climate change impact mitigation, new industrial technologies, information security, etc.;

· Improving the life of the project: a new perspective of dialogue;

· Discussion and dialogue on how to manage multiple engineering trends (different areas) in social and economic development.

ASEMI takes you to 2017WEF!.4

· Representing the engineering profession internationally, providing professional collective wisdom and leadership, assisting national institutions in selecting appropriate policy options and addressing the most critical issues affecting countries around the world;

· Provide information on engineering to countries around the world and facilitate the exchange of best practices among its member states on major world engineering activities;

· Promote socio-economic security and sustainable development and poverty alleviation in countries around the world through appropriate application of technology;

· Serve the community and be recognized by national and international organizations and the public as a valuable and valuable source of advice and guidance on the policies, interests and concerns of engineering and technology for the human and natural environment;

· Cooperation with funding agencies such as development banks;

· Encourage public-private partnerships, including engineering dimensions;

· Address issues that need to be implemented in public policy.

ASEMI takes you to 2017WEF!.5

The picture shows the WEF venue center, ASEAN China's Director Dong (left) and Shenzhen Electronics Chamber of Commerce Secretary Xu Huiying (right)

ASEMI takes you to 2017WEF!.6

The opening of WEF, Mr. Bechu Chirstophe, Mayor of Angers, France, and 120 electronics industry leaders and business representatives from more than 30 countries attended the meeting.

ASEMI takes you to 2017WEF!.7

120 electronics industry leaders and business representatives from more than 30 countries took a group photo in front of the castle.

ASEMI takes you to 2017WEF!.8

Shenzhen Electronics Chamber of Commerce and Shenzhen outstanding entrepreneurs took a group photo (the right six is ASEMI  Ms.Dong)

ASEMI takes you to 2017WEF!.9

The dinner was held at the André Lur?at Museum, and the French Finance Minister and the Mayor of Angers attended the event. Angers, France's livable city ranked first, and Yantai's friendship city; France's Nantes City in 2003, Brace City in 2005 with Qingdao, respectively, Twin Cityes, is also France's 'small Silicon Valley'. The ancient castle held a grand event, and the Mayor of Angers gave a welcoming speech to industry leaders and business representatives from countries participating in electronic forums and exhibitions.

ASEMI takes you to 2017WEF!.10

The exchange dinner was held at the Musee Jean lurcat museum, a special reception banquet, and the tapestry of Jean's tapestry was very precious on the wall! The elaborate arrangement of the dinner also reflected the respect for the guests from all over the world and the attention of the French organizers to the exhibition!

ASEMI takes you to 2017WEF!.12

As a predecessor of the semiconductor industry and the world leader - ST, their technical experience sharing is the most impressive impression of Mr. Dong!

Miss. Dong deliberately spent a day to learn more about the performance, application, energy efficiency, market prospects of ST's SiC materials, and with EDF France. The exchange of learning between power companies, ACO, GOLIBUS and other companies is really full of gains!

After the meeting, ASEMI Dong Zong was still undecided and could not help but said: "I really hope to do 48 hours for 24 hours!"

Such a spirit of seeking knowledge, such hard work and enthusiasm also make foreign entrepreneurs admire. One of the entrepreneurs even said in a Chinese sentence that "the future is awesome!"

ASEMI takes you to 2017WEF!.13

The holding of this forum has provided valuable opportunities for the exchange of many Chinese and foreign entrepreneurs.

ASEMI Miss.Dong said: "I am very grateful to the Shenzhen Electronic Chamber of Commerce for the invitation. This time i visited France as representative of China's outstanding entrepreneurs,. I have enjoyed the beautiful scenery of France and satisfied my romantic feelings.This trip has benefited a lot and will benefit the future work and study!"

ASEMI takes you to 2017WEF!.14

Going abroad, you will be able to appreciate the power of the motherland. No matter where you go, as a Chinese, you are treated with great courtesy.

Thanks to our strong motherland, let us be proud Chinese, have the opportunity to see the world and then have a world view! ASEMI takes "to build a growth platform, achievements the team dreams' as the vision and continue to progress; the future will continue to follow the footsteps of the new era and new technology.

ASEMI takes you to 2017WEF!.15

Next stop, ASEMI looks forward to meeting you again!!!

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ASEMI takes you to 2017WEF!.16

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