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ASEMI solves the problem that bothers you

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Mei Gaosenmei is out of stock

The US company is out of stock, causing users and companies in the semiconductor electronics industry to be anxious, and even some people to buy fakes.

In order to minimize the impact of the company's exit from the market on the end customers,ASEMI will launch rectifier modules MDC \ MDA \ MDK and MSCD / MSCA / MSCK series rectifier modules that are similar to Shanghai Mei Gaosenmei.

Chips are out of stock, out of stock!

Most buyers can't find a supplier when they make a phone call.

Not to mention the manufacturer of high quality rectifying electronic components!

The series of rectifier modules that MiGonmei has stopped producing,

ASEMI helps you solve the problem that bothers you.


ASEMI module's performance same with the Mei Gaosenmei  rectifier module.

ASEMI brand high current and high voltage single arm rectifier module.



MDC series

MDC series MDC100-16/MDC110-16/MDC165-16/MDC260-16/MDC500-16 can replace the model of MSC series MSCD series of products.


ASMEI quality

ASEMI has a 170-person R&D team and a 8500m2 high-power module production room. The high-end rectifier component modules use GPP high-stability chips and 28 Taiwan Jianding test lines to ensure high reliability of high-current and high-voltage rectifier modules. !

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