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ASEMI reveals the rectifier bridge process!

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8th July 2017
On July 8th, 2017, with the freshness and refreshment of the light rain and clear sky, ASEMI  technical engineers led the readers to visit the rectifier bridge manufacturer and visit the packaging production process of the high voltage rectifier bridge.
The first step in the production of rectifier bridges is soldering the leads and chips.


By arranging the machines with automatic pin sorting, a new strip of oxygen-free copper leads on the template and waits for the installation of the skilled worker. In this process, the attention of the readers is not only the red-colored slender oxygen-free copper pins that exude charm, but also the skilled and skilled operation skills of the skilled workers. This is a bold and careful work. As long as the pin touches a little, the skilled worker can skillfully clamp the mold and install it while waiting for the welding. The combination of pins and chips supports the core of the rectifier bridge. 
Although it is only the first process, it has already condensed the serious sweat and hard work of countless skilled workers. Only with this bite, from the details, the quality of the high-voltage rectifier bridge can meet your requirements. , responsible for every one you pay. This is also the “focus on professionalism and excellence”principle that ASEMI Rectifier Bridge has always insisted on!


Next, put a "protective film" on the bare precious GPP chip and the oxygen-free copper pin that is easily oxidized.
In the factory, we saw the epoxy plastic grease that was just taken out of the freezer. Some of the appearance is gray and not autumn, and one piece makes Xiaobian think of the coal block of his hometown. However, after two high-temperature melting, the injection molding package was finalized, and its fascinating epoxy plastic grease finally showed his true charm, revealing a low-key atmosphere of black.
The rectifier bridge after the high temperature setting of 200 degrees Celsius is still very hot, but we can't wait to try to touch the rectifier bridge that just came out. The stencil is also heavy, but when lifting the shaped rectifier bridge, ASEMI people seem to be as happy as the world. Because the rectifier bridge is not only the products produced and sold by ASEMI, it is also a sincerity and affirmation to customers! 


After the lead gold plating and high temperature and high pressure drying detection, ASEMI high voltage rectifier bridge has to enter a more rigorous inspection level - Jianding Guankui automatic integration detection, truly make ASEMI's rectifier bridge products "to give customers peace of mind ". ASEMI's technical engineers changed the "technician" in the process of explaining, and carefully checked the 18 test parameters scheduled by the automation machine over and over again.
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