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ASEMI new custom rectifier bridge D50SB100

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ASEMI launched the latest custom rectifier bridge D50SB100 this year, which is the same parameter parameter as SHINDENGEN product D50XB100. However, ASEMI has designed a new lightweight body according to customer needs and market trends, and designed heat sink on the back of the product...

This custom high-end induction cooker dedicated rectifier bridge is manufactured by GPP chip. The chip specification is 100 mils and 180 mil, which also lays a higher current and voltage withstand characteristics than the ordinary 50A rectifier bridge, and as the  special requirements of customer, the back side of rectifier adopt special packaging of aluminum substrate material, so that it has better heat dissipation performance, combined with its black plastic molding material -  epoxy plastic material, better encapsulation and flame retardant properties, and pins The bold design uses high-purity oxygen-free copper pins, which greatly solves the problem of hot on high-power appliances.


Because it is a new product, new customers may not have seen the shape product, and their choice will be more cautious. We are also grateful to the customers who trust ASEMI as always, no doubt about   that your trust is worthwhile, and this is what we are proud of.  If you need to customize, we can also follow your needs for production and will do our best to provide better services for you.

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