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ASEMI bridge rectifier deserve your choice

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Reliable quality, low-profile stability - ASEMI rectifier bridge

ASEMI brand rectifier bridge products have passed the US UL safety certification and meet the requirements of exporting to the United States. The LOGO marking on the front of the ASEMI rectifier bridge product is only a Chinese printing method in the Chinese italic scale. A stands for advanced, indicating the advanced meaning of brand products; SEMI stands for semicondutor, purchasing friends must look for the right signs, avoid buying fakes and be deceived to use inferior products. ASEMI rectifier bridge has stable performance, high-standard chip reliability and advanced production technology. The company's manufacturing department has the advanced Jianding and Guankui integrated production test line which ensures product is tested in accordance with strict process requirements.

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ASEMI products are available for you to choose from!

ASEMI Manufacturers mainly produces and sells rectifier bridge series packages (DB, WOB, BR, KBPC, KBP, KBPM, GBU, GBL, KBL, KBJ, KBU); rectifier module (MDS) , MTC, MDQ, QLF, SQLF); automotive commutator (25A ~ 50A STD & TVS Button, Cell, MUR); Schottky diode TO-220 (MBR10100, 10150, 20100, 20150, 20200, 30100, 30200 all plastic semi-plastic seal ); Schottky TO-3P/247, rectifier diodes (STD, FR, HER, SF, SR, TVS, switch, regulator); glass passivation (GPP) six-inch wafer, etc., various package parameters It is described in detail on the ASEMI official website.


Reputation first, customer first

The ASEMI brand is sourced from Taiwan and the ASEMI brand is registered in Taiwan and ASEMI China. ASEMI brand products have passed UL safety certification and SGS certification, marketing the world, and enjoyed a good reputation . Since its establishment, ASEMI  has made great progress under the care and support of our customers. We are committed to providing customers with high-class products and service based on the principles of truth-seeking, forging ahead, innovation .

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