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ASEMI brings MBR30150CT to hit Korean

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MMBR30150CT: When Sade entered South Korea, a large number of national enterprises stood up and shouted to resist.

ASEMI and MBR30150CT Schottky faced the tears of Korean enterprise semiconductors, seized the high-end MBR30150CT market with commercial activities, and promoted national power!


Sade entered Korea

With Sade system equipment officially entered Korea.

Lotte Mart was forced to close 55 stores in China, RT-Mart, etc. removed all Lotte foods; Geely Automobile, DJI UAV announced to stop the Korean market. Over the years, people's dissatisfaction with South Korea's contempt for the Chinese people is also fermenting. South Koreans have consistently compared it with anti-Japanese activities by their blind and arrogant mistakes.

However, in fact, Chinese people have different understandings and evaluations of Japan and South Korea, and their concepts of Korean products are also different. Whether it is Lotte, Samsung, Hyundai, or Korean electronic components, there are too many domestic products that can replace them.


Korean companies face inflection points, ASEMI companies skyrocket

When it comes to Korean companies, everyone can imagine such as Samsung, LG, Hyundai and so on.

The glamorous appearance is actually already dilapidated. From 2010 to 2014, the market share of Korean-funded companies dominated by Samsung Semiconductor increased year by year and reached its peak.

South Korea signed Sade, China introduced the South Korea Restriction Order, and a large number of Korean-funded enterprises are getting worse and worse in China's market position. At the same time, national enterprises have rushed to grab the market.

The beauty of the home appliance industry, Gree; the mobile phone digital Huawei, Xiaomi; the automotive industry Geely, Haval; and the electronic semiconductor industry ASEMI, Qiang Mao, etc. are in sharp contrast with it.


ASEMI excellent quality, sincere service

Just like ASEMI's unremitting efforts in the field of MBR30150CT Schottky, we call for rational patriotism, using higher-quality products to contribute to the national rejuvenation cause, preventing Korean-funded enterprises from adding luster to the people, and promoting China's national prestige.


Treat people with sincerity, good quality and good price, highly sought after by the market

ASEMI has firmly adhered to the high-quality route since the birth of the brand, and strives to provide good services to market customers.

ASEMI introduces Jianding integrated production line equipment and Guankui precision test equipment, the mechanical automation rate is very high and the product production yield is increased so much 

Significantly reduce labor costs and improve production yield, which makes ASEMI factory production cost control several levels higher than that of friends in the same industry, thereby ensuring the price competitiveness of MBR30150CT finished products and also bringing preferential benefits to end users.

Regardless of investment in research and development costs, material costs, etc., only striving to build a good product strength, this is the principle that ASEMI Schottky diode MBR30150CT has always pursued and practiced, and truly a national manufacturer that truly treats people and is respected.


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