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ASEMI-Yuxing Group supplier!

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In the summer of 2007, ASEMI suddenly received a sample demand order from Shengbangqiangdian Electronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. The sample is very urgent, need the rectifier bridge KBL406 products, and the requirements are very high, said that the Yuxing Group, as a set-top box products, to export to the high-end markets such as Spain and North America.

I just remember to follow the usual corporate style (react quickly, act immediately), package and ship according to customer requirements, and complete the delivery of samples on the day of receiving the mail.

Efficiency and speed are the points we attach great importance to. Upon receiving customer demand, ASEMI immediately takes action to prepare supplier information.

ASEMI, rectifier bridge manufacturer, diode manufacturer.1

Indeed, Shengbang Qiangdian Electronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Beijing Yuxing Group. Its headquarters is located in Shenzhen High-tech Industrial Park, and its production base industrial park is located in Torch Development Zone, Zhongshan City.


ASEMI will arrange a person to follow up for each order, but the Yuxing Group requires a lot of complicated content. When I was busy at that time, almost two or three emails were replying every day, and some unclear contents were explained. ASEMI will also arrange a technical engineer to contact them directly by phone. Although the samples have been tested, the use of the finished products still needs a feedback cycle.

Time hastily lapsed, and there has been no major progress in insisting on following up for half a year. It was not until the end of the year. When everyone felt that the possibility of cooperation was not long, and slowly relaxed, Manager ASEMI Li suddenly received an email, direct purchase is an order in small quantities. After the Spring Festival, from small orders to large orders, to stable orders, continue until today.

Recalling the journey of cooperation, there are not only sudden surprises at the beginning, but also a long period of torment and waiting before the long-term stable cooperation.

In 12 years, we have only focused on one thing, focusing on the field of power rectifier devices. Thanks to your trust and support, ASEMI will continue to work hard to conquer ordinary and challenge.

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