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ASEMI-Visit Toyota Dyke Manufacturing Plant

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Inspired by the Kyocera Group, ASEMI plans to expand the field of vehicle lights. Therefore, in December 2011, ASEMI executives visited the Toyota manufacturing plant of the world's top 500 companies.

Toyota Motor Corporation has always been adhering to the "Toyota Program" summarized by the founder of Toyota Zoji, the refined process management, JIM, TPM management, Anton system process monitoring , each production link, The production efficiency has been achieved to the extreme! Not only has the creation of high-quality cars and popular models, but also the Toyota production model it has established, which is the object of competition among major companies around the world.

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The ASEMI delegation first came to the Toyota factory and visited the welding and assembly shop of the factory. Understand the production process of stamping, welding, painting, assembly, etc. Every production process or link of Toyota is very perfect, and it is still being improved and updated. The roof of the production workshop is covered with solar energy. It can be used for 50% of the electricity produced by the whole plant.

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ASEMI is expanding its field of car lights, and naturally it will not miss the opportunity to understand the car lights used by Toyota. Far and near light 35 watts 9012 bulbs, reading lights and makeup lamps T10, rear reading lights and trunk lights 31mm double pointed, fog lights H11, etc. are all Toyota's usual lamp type and power, unfortunately there are many processes And the workshop, do not be allow to take pictures. But for ASEMI executives, it is definitely a visit worthy of crossing the ocean.

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With the pioneers and predecessors like Toyota, ASEMI is under pressure, but there is also absolute confidence that it can occupy a position in the future of the car lights. Let's look forward to it!

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