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ASEMI Travel Notes - Celebrate the Motherland!

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25th September 2017

The ASEMI elite squad set off again after a year, away from the city, away from the heavy work, going farther than before, and opening our journey to find our heart! The landscape is picturesque, my heart is like a song.

On September 22nd, a group of young and joyful friends sat on the bus to Yangshuo, Guilin. After an 8-hour journey, they traveled through the geographical features of the two different regions. We entered a land full of dreams - Guilin landscape!

ASEMI Travel Notes - Celebrate the Motherland!.9

From the sizzling of Guangdong to the low-key quaintness of Guangxi, from the hilly hills to the karst landforms, from the prosperity of the tall buildings to the leisure of the mountains and rivers, although the road is in a hurry, it does not hinder the appreciation of nature.

ASEMI Travel Notes - Celebrate the Motherland!.2

When the car arrived in Yangshuo, it was already in the morning. The Yangshuo landscape in the night adds a charming atmosphere. Enter the West Street with the flowing water, listen to the bar and chat the hot sea...

ASEMI Travel Notes - Celebrate the Motherland!.3

[The first phantom of the Minjiang River]

The god in the clouds, the fairy in the mist, the goddess of the mountains of Guilin! The same feelings are deep, the dream is as beautiful as the water of the dream river! How heavy is the water? How heavy is the mountain? Water around the mountain ring Guilin City... is the mountain city, it is the water city! All in the green mountains and green waters...

ASEMI Travel Notes - Celebrate the Motherland!.4

[Second waterway drifting]

Picture-in-picture - Lijiang shines on my body, and the song is in the song - Shanshan should echo me...

ASEMI Travel Notes - Celebrate the Motherland!.5

[The third exploration of silver rock]

The wind outside the waves of the Yellow River is so heavy. On the saddle, I saw the painting on the sand table: "Guilin landscape is the best in the world"... Oh! Is it a dream, is it a fairyland? At this time in the silver rock! Is the heart drunk, or is it awake?

Oh! This mountain is in the water, where is this place... Baifeng Cuipingdong is hidden in the water, and the water mirror is in the distance! Ten thousand and eight thousand roads are far away, why not only six miles? They all talked about Yinziyan, and they are guaranteed to be short of money!

ASEMI Travel Notes - Celebrate the Motherland!.6

[Fourth Mile Gallery]

The mountains of Guilin come to the waters of the Lijiang River - the smile of the motherland is so beautiful! Guilin's mountains and rivers into the hustle and bustle, this scene of the warrior's heart - Jiangshan more delicate and affectionate, so that my white hair will never be born! I am proud of Jiangshan people, so that my youth will never be old!

ASEMI Travel Notes - Celebrate the Motherland!7

[The fifth ancient road totem]

For thousands of years, the wind and rain have passed, and the children and grandchildren have remained for hundreds of millions of years. The love of mountains and rivers is back to the ancient road, and the Houpu folk style is wild! The mountains are beautiful, the beauty of Guilin is beautiful, the mountains and rivers are rich in fish and bamboo shoots, and the Xiushan is surrounded by dense caves.

ASEMI Travel Notes - Celebrate the Motherland!.8

[Sixth Lishui Ancient Yue]

The world is open on the road, to sing the core song with me! The three sisters' songs are hundreds of thousands of miles, ASEMI warriors can, pointing to the country to sing the motherland... full of love, full of chest, just like the river spring thick! Oh! Sweaty and colorful strokes: Guilin landscape - full of the world ... with the beautiful mountains and rivers of the motherland!

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