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ASEMI MB6S is sought after by LED manufacturers

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The MB6S is a miniature rectifier bridge with a small nail size. It is the source of power for LED lights.

How does the LED lamp enterprise in Guangdong Province reach a cooperative relationship with ASEMI ? Let's take a look at the story behind today...


Bringing Bright ASEMI Rectifier Bridge - LED manufacturer's choice: No More Worried for Fuse

Company Name: CNLIGHT Co., Ltd Stock Code:002076 Products:LED

Guangdong Province is the heart of the electronics industry in China. Nowadays, many electronic products are flooding the market, and the price quality is uneven. What is even more terrifying is that the counterfeit and inferior brands in the market are difficult to distinguish, and accidentally fall into the "pit". As the leading company of LED lights in Guangdong Province, Shell Wright's purchasing manager is very worried about this.


Take Guangdong Zhongshan, China's lighting capital, for example, many manufacturers' power supply is the rectifier bridge of ASEMI brand. Because the quality is excellent, stable and reliable, the factory is available from the factory, eliminating some intermediate traders' price increase, and it is more convenient for customers to purchase.

So one day, according to people, the production plant in Shelley purchased a number of MB6S from the ASEMI brand. After the previous manufacturer's sample, there was no problem, and the small batch production was carried out. After the production test, it was found that the ASEMI brand MB6S rectifier bridge can maintain stable performance under normal or unconventional environment, and it will not be the same as before, there will be different degrees of chip dispersion, the situation of the heat bomber, and the LED lamp produced by the factory. The quality of each batch is different.

MB6S application

In the following nearly one year of cooperation, the practice verified that the quality of the ASEMI brand rectifier bridge MB6S is indeed very reliable, so I finally settled down and decided to sign a long-term strategic cooperation. Shelley chose to use the ASEMI brand rectifier bridge for subsequent LEDs. In the production of lamps... it has been 8 years since.

If there is no good product and quality, how can many Guangdong LED power supply manufacturers be keen to purchase ASEMI brand rectifier bridge?

The reason why ASEMI can be today is inseparable from the power supply manufacturers around the world. By adhering to the excellent quality of the products, the ASEMI brand has gradually accumulated a number of loyal customer fans in the past 12 years. These customers have also given the ASEMI brand high-relief bridge high reputation. As a result, more and more customers and friends from all over the world have come to know this brand and have come to ASEMI to order rectifier bridges.

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