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ASEMI KBP210-Weikebo's purchase favors

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Weikebo is a technology company specializing in power adapters and switching power supplies. The products produced by the company have the characteristics of high efficiency, precision and reliability. It is currently recognized by the domestic industry and is widely used in MID products, digital Products, switches, TV computers and other fields.

ASEMI KBP210-Weikebo's purchase favors.1

Behind the aura, in fact, the manager of Weikebo was very troubled because they produced end-adapter products, but many of the OEM products in the domestic rectifier bridge market are in full swing, suffering from the lack of ideal rectifier bridge suppliers, and letting them The product development process was extremely tortuous, and until the ASEMI brand KBP210 was used, their long-term pain was decided.

ASEMI KBP210-Weikebo's purchase favors.2

Wei Kebo Purchasing Manager Wang is on the Internet to see the ASEMI brand KBP210 rectifier bridge that we released. After successfully adding our company's QQ, Manager Wang said that they have replaced several suppliers and now use a supplier from Zhejiang. The brand, the quality is good when testing, but the product will often have problems when the product is aging. It is not bad to see the product details released by our company, so I want to see which product can be recommended.

After hearing the confusion of Manager Wang, Xiao Zhou analyzed that if the product is a mature solution, then it must be that the KBP210 chip purchased by Manager Wang is not consistent, so he pushed the ASEMI brand KBP210 to Manager Wang because It is a wave peak GPP gold-plated process chip, characterized by high consistency of the four chips, suitable for high-end adapter products.

After receiving the samples, Manager Wang organized the engineering test. After 72 hours of continuous aging test under the harsh environment, the ASEMI brand KBP210 was still operating stably and effectively. This result made Manager Wang very happy, so he purchased 20Kpcs for a single purchase plan.

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