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ASEMI-2012 India International LED Exhibition

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2012.6.15-2012.6.17 ASEMI participated in the 2012 India International Lighting and LED Exhibition as an exhibitor. Today's exhibitions are no longer a place to display products, sell products, or buy goods in a simple sense. Rather, it has rapidly developed into a hub for communication and access to information. Participating in the exhibition has also become an important part of the overall market expansion of our company. It is an excellent opportunity to promote and publicize the company's brand to show the strength and image of the company.

For the electronics industry, the Indian lighting market is huge, most of its lighting products imported from China. With the rapid advancement of urbanization and industrialization in India, the demand for electricity has surged, and the Indian government is considering converting traditional lighting systems into environmentally-friendly and energy-saving LED lighting systems. For the electronics industry, this is a rare opportunity.

ASEMI-2012 India International Lighting and LED Exhibition.2

The main products of ASEMI are rectifier bridges, diodes, power ICs, automotive electronics, car lights, etc., we have been driven by industry trends, and gradually began to understand LED products and smart home appliances. This time, we went to Bangalore, India to participate in the exhibition, the more important The purpose is also to understand the LED market in India and the lighting business. We have found that the Indian country prefers the Nissan series of cars, especially the Suzuki brand, which is everywhere, which is also a development direction for us.

Overall, this exhibition has brought great inspiration to ASEMI. We have learned about India's national conditions, markets and needs. Next, ASEMI will have a new development plan for the Indian LED and automotive light market.

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