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36MB160A single phase rectifier bridge of ASEMI

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36MB160A 2

36MB160A single-phase rectifier square bridge, Taiwan ASEMI brand parameters specifications: current: 36A; voltage: 1600V; boxed: 20PCS / box. It is applied to most of the three-phase AC electrical equipment, motors, electric welders, generators, inverters, general induction cookers, industrial power control cabinets, CNC lathes, communications and other large electromechanical equipment.

36MB160A single phase rectifier bridgeof ASEMI brand.2

The 36MB160A single-phase rectifier bridge is packaged in a D-34 package with four 180MIL GPP chips. The forward voltage (VF) is 1.05V, the inrush current (Ifsm) is 400A, the leakage current (Ir) is 500uA, the minimum operating temperature is -55°C, the maximum operating temperature is 150°C, and the recovery time (Trr) is 500ns.

36MB160A single phase rectifier bridgeof ASEMI brand.4

The rectifier bridge produced by the ASEMI brand embodies the concept from the chip at the front end, the frame for loading the chip, and the external epoxy molding material to the lead plating at the later stage of production.rectifier bridges produced by ASEMI have reached the EU ROHS Directive requirements for the six elements of lead and mercury are within the limits.


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