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2Pins/3Pins and Plastic/Metal Package of diodes [ASEMI]

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plastic/metal package

and 2pins/3pins diodes

As a purchaser, can you tell the difference between the matal package and plastic package of rectifier bridge diode, and the difference in the number of pins? This ASEMI class will give you a detailed introduction.


"2/3Pins", "Plastic/Metal Package"

The rectifier diodes are divided into TO-220AB and TO-220AC in terms of the number of pins, where "AC" means the package is two pins and "AB" stands for three pins. In terms of materials, there are also metal and plastic seals, the names are TO-220 and TO-220F, of which TO-220F refers to the series of plastic seals, and TO-220 refers to the series of metal seals.


"AC " VS "AB"

The rectifier diode package TO-220AC and TO-220AB were originally designed for different functions of the circuit. The single-tube TO-220AC circuit is mainly used to realize the single-phase conduction function in the circuit, and the rectifier bridge diode package Most of the TO-220AB packages are used in switching power supplies, for switching during charging and discharging, and for combining the circuit for freewheeling. I believe that engineers in this area are also very familiar with this.


"AC " VS "AB"

According to different product requirements, the rectifier diode TO-220 package is designed into two different specifications: TO-220AB and TO-220AC. What is the difference between the two: in terms of appearance, the size of the two packages is the same. The difference is that the TO-220AC has only two feet, which contains a chip, a single tube, which has two positive and negative polarities, while the TO-220AB has three feet and two chips inside. Connected in a common way. This is the main difference in its appearance. The same model has the same electrical parameters.


"ITO-220" VS "TO-220"

In daily sales, many customers will mention such a question: What is the difference between a rectifier diode and an iron head? What are the advantages of the iron head compared to the plastic seal? In fact, the electrical parameters of the two packages, the performance quality, including the external dimensions, are exactly the same, and even the production cost is not bad.

However, in terms of practicality, the electrical conductivity and heat dissipation performance of the iron head are better than that of the plastic package. As for the quality problem, as I mentioned above, the electrical parameters of the two packages have no difference in performance quality. If there is no high heat dissipation requirement in your circuit, no high insulation requirements, no high electrical conductivity requirements, Feel free to purchase any model of ASEMI Schottky Diode Plastic TO-220F/ITO-220 and metal TO-220


will be better


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