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2019 End of Year Award Ceremony of ASEMI

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Looking back at the past 2019, we have gone through the storms and storms, and won again and again! Looking forward to 2020, we will continue to work together to create brilliant and write a new chapter!

On 2020.1.11, ASEMI held a small year-end party and awards ceremony. The party's process are leadership speeches, awards ceremonies, talent shows, sweepstakes, and gifts exchange.

First of all, our parents Mr. Li summed up the performance of our partners in 2019 in the welcome voice of everyone, and the company's progress, enthusiastic and exciting. At the same time, President Li also blessed everyone to strive for greater achievements in 2020.


Everyone who is struggling in the workplace hopes to rise on the job ladder. So President Dongdesigned the first award of the awarding project, which directly pushed the atmosphere of the scene to a climax. The main characters are Neya, assistant to the general manager; Zhou Chao,sales director; Ye Tong, director of the financial department.

Next is the annual outstanding employee recognition in 2019. The winners are Tina, Ye Tong, Wu Haoming; annual sales elite Zhou Chao, Liu Shunwei, Li Juanxuan; best partner Fu Zhengle; silent payer Li Hang; best marketing award Lei Lei.

The award-winning partners came to the stage to receive awards, expressed their thanks and expressed their gratitude. Whether it is a partner who has achieved outstanding results through his own unique sales skills, a partner who silently supports the team and supports the overall situation, or a partner who manages costs for the company with careful thought, all of us are indispensable for making progress in 2019. It is your dedication,sharing, and efforts that have shaped the prosperity of ASEMI in 2019.

When the company needs you, each of you can stand alone and face the challenge. I also wish our partners to be more courageous in the new year.


The second half will soon start our talent show and prize draw. As the saying goes, work and rest must be combined. The first arrangement is to draw the third prize. The prizes are two for the human body and Huawei audio. Who will be the winners? Congratulations to Wen Leilei, Liu Shunwei, Zhou Chao and Li Hang.

Next, please enjoy the Dance Lost Love Front Alliance, which brought laughter to everyone. After watching the passion dance, let ’s listen to the passionate songs,song named“Sailor" by  Li Hang.

At the draw, Neya won the second prize of the electric hot pot; Fu Zhengle won the first prize.of the microwave oven; Ye Tong broke out of luck, holding special prize, a big MI LCD TV .Entertainment programs like recitations, singing, dancing, and games  are also ongoing.

Opportunities and challenges coexist, glory and dreams coexist. In the past year, the ASEMI team has stood firm in the fierce market competition, constantly learning, and using the team's strength to create one after another. In the new year, I also believe that we will continue to sing along with the victory and create greater glories.




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