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ASEMI cooperates with Precision Instrument Manufacturers

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When working with precision instruments and electronic circuits, ASEMI cooperates with precision instrument manufacturers such as Dongtian Precision and Changqing Microwave, and more rectifier bridge specifications are available!

Today, ASEMI has been working with Dongtian Precision and Changqing Microwave for seven years, and has established close cooperation with the two companies. The rectifier bridge brand chooses ASEMI to give you double reassurance of quality and service.

Wise choice ASEMI

Cooperation between ASEMI and Dongtian Precision

Dongtian Precision Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. covers an area of 6,000 square meters and has 800 square meters of 10,000-class clean room. It has established a standard LED lighting R&D laboratory. The company has three production divisions: LED Lighting Division, parylene coating coating business. Department, Semiconductor Division, is a professional manufacturer of LED light source and lighting fixtures integrating R&D, design, production and sales.

Dongtian Precision Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in the production of LED light sources. Its nanotechnology process handles power supply components with IP66 protection, which is effective against water, moisture, dust and smoke, thus greatly improving the service life of the power supply. However, before this, in the Dongtian precision application circuit, the conversion components of the conversion power supply system were severely heated, and the problem of the difficulty of the power supply life has always caused them a headache.

In 2008,  rectifier bridge brand ASEMI officially promoted into the market. After accessing this brand and trying several ASEMI rectifier bridge products, it was found that updating the rectifier bridge used on the machine not only solved the temperature rise problem, but also the efficiency in actual use. After that, Dongtian Precision's product line began to  test ASEMI brand products.

ASEMI for precision instruments, good quality is only for your benefit.

ASEMI cooperates with Precision Instrument Manufacturers ...

ASEMI and Yantai Changqing Microwave reached a strategic cooperation

ASEMI's service impresses Changqing microwave

ASEMI cooperates with Precision Instrument Manufacturers 2

Yantai Changqing Microwave provides design solutions for industrial intelligent microwave electronics and plasma intelligent instruments. Its circuit design requires the use of rectifier bridges of different specifications and sizes. The package type requirements are very complicated. Changqing Microwave's purchasing manager said that they have nearly ten suppliers of optoelectronic rectifier devices in the procurement process. The reason is that most of the suppliers' services are not timely enough. From inquiry to delivery, the communication cycle is also long, so it takes a lot of time. What's more, Changqing Microwave has encountered a supplier before, the delivery period can be guaranteed, but the quality of the distribution is uneven. The circuit designed for this has found a big gap in product performance in the early stage of testing. The consistency is not good and so on. Later, an engineer from Changqing Microwave discovered that this supplier is allocating goods from the market, taking KBU8J in the east, DB157 in the west, and so on. Even some models are scattered and supplied together.

ASEMI cooperates with Precision Instrument Manufacturers 3

Therefore, Changqing Microwave has always wanted to find a complete range of rectification products manufacturers. In 2013, Changqing Microwave's Purchasing Manager contacted ASEMI Engineer Zhou Manager via the network. After some negotiations, he learned that ASEMI is not only a excellent manufacturer of rectifier bridges, but also has high-quality power supply components such as Schottky diodes, fast recovery diodes, rectifier modules, power ICs, etc. A complete set of power supply rectification devices. Changqing Microwave's Purchasing Manager immediately said that it would take as many as 20 models to carry out samples, and ASEMI's business team also attached great importance to this. During the semi-annual R&D test and commissioning phase, ASEMI engineers and business departments fully cooperated with the design and test adjustments. Not only did they provide various of rectifier bridge products, but they also customized seven special models. Since then.the strength of ASEMI has been very smooth in the next five years of cooperation.

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