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ASEMI helped solve the problem of long delivery time

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Asemi Tech has large quantity stocks, fast delivery, high quality and good reputation. That's why there are many companies and customers would like to cooperated with ASEMI.

ASEMI helps you solve the delivery problem

Fangcheng——Good quality choose ASEMIKBL406

Friends who have made export orders know that the order cycle time is killing people, because efficiency is very important. From the early material preparation, production proofing, mass production, batch aging test, to the later logistics and transportation, the account period return and so on, the whole order cycle is really long.

It is very important to reduce the time of each link as much as possible to improve efficiency. If the price is within the acceptable range, the delivery time can also meet the requirements of picking up the goods, naturally it can add a lot of points.

ASEMI helped solve the problem of long delivery time

ASEMI | Power  detail picture

ASEMI rectifier bridge with big chips

In the past, the small-chip virtual standard parameters of the rectifier bridge market were rampant. It was ASEMI actively seeking large-scale chip production on a high-quality route, and make ushered in the arrival of the big chip era. ASEMI's new rectifier bridge uses the GPP gold-plated chip process. Mr. Li of Fangcheng Power said: "If it is not for anything else, I will rush to these four large-size chips, it is worth having. Export orders should use such quality and cost-effective products."

After comprehensive analysis and comparison of production process, chip performance, delivery time and product cost performance, Mr. Li finally chose  ASEMI brand rectifier bridge


ASEMI |   KBL406


ASEMI | Wide range of applications

Product advantages

KBL406 really has an advantage

Because it belongs to 4A600V's electrical parameters, high frequency and low energy consumption, KBL406 is very commonly used in current power supply production. Therefore, the quality and performance requirements of the product are more demanding than the normal type rectifier bridge. ASEMI's sincerity is one of the outstanding advantages of this product. It means that the ASEMI brand uses the  GPP chip to be packaged and formed under the integrated mechanical operation. It is produced in strict accordance with the quality requirements and test regulations.

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