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Elechico Electronics cooperates with ASEMI brand again

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For customers who trust the quality of ASEMI brand, Asemi Technology will also be responsible for the customer's responsibility, and the quality of the products will be strictly controlled.

Guangdong Elechico Electronics, who met ASEMI 3 years ago, trusts  for 3 years because ASEMI is more intimate than other brand.

ASEMI, a trusted choice

Elechico - Endorsement for China's industrial automation equipment

Company Name:Guangdong Elechico Electronics co., Ltd.

Products:Industrial automation equipment;Power Adapter;Household appliances

Purchasing the rectifying device of Asemi Tech again, Mr. Xu of Elechico Electronics chose the smd bridge product ABS210. Elechico Electronics is mainly engaged in the production of industrial automation equipment, power supplies, household appliances, etc. This time, the purchase of ABS210 is for the development of a new product for a small power switching power supply. The choice of product brand is still the ASEMI brand. The main reason, Mr. Xu said, ASEMI brand ABS210 quality is better, the chip used is tested to be higher quality than other products produced, the electrical parameters are up to standard, like after-sales service is no need to worry about.

Yes, ASEMI is really only to provide you with better product quality and service.

The chip size of ASEMI’s SMD rectifier are exceeds larger

Because of the previous cooperation foundation and mutual trust, Elechico Electronics also relied on the quality of the ASEMI brand, so it directly purchased 60k products and also ordered 120k products in the next quarter. For such customers who rely on Asemi Tech, ASEMI will also strictly control the quality of its products, and will deliver a 12-point spirit when it comes out of the warehouse. Try to make the service quality for customers!

Strictly control the quality of rectifier bridge products. ASEMI brand products use GPP large-sized chips. The size of the chip rectifier bridge chip is bigger than the same type of products. The packaging and testing aspect is  by Taiwan's Jianding and Guankui production lines. Accuracy testing ensures that product undergoes a rigorous test and can withstand the test of complex and demanding environment.

Elechico Electronics cooperates with ASEMI brand again

As a well-know rectifier bridge brand - ASEMI brand products have passed SGS, United States UL certification, the  product packaging through SGS most stringent standard 10E testing requirements, product quality has been approved by a number of companies, The rectification product series is complete, and the products such as rectifier bridge, Schottky diode and fast recovery diode are sufficient.

Learn the spirit of the craftsman, insist on not forgetting the initial heart, do one thing well, and serve every customer and friend who trusts ASEMI.

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