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Does the ASEMI rectifier bridge meet environmental requirements?

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2013 Shenzhen Top Ten Environmental Citizens Awards--Shenzhen Radio Video

On the morning of December 5th, the Dashahe Park with green trees and smoldering flowers was full of greenery under the blue sky and warm sun. A simple award ceremony for the “Shenzhen Citizen Environmental Protection Award” was held here. Under the witness of the blue sky, white clouds and green trees, another 10 Shenzhen citizens took away the "Citizen Environmental Award", and planted its own "environmental tree".

The fundamental purpose of environmental protection that advocate is related to the survival and development of human beings. The essence of this is to require a great increase in social productivity, and product quality directly affects the quality of environmental pollution control. We are all need to responsible for this.

So, is the performance of the ASEMI rectifier bridge good? Does  it meet environmental requirements?

Rectifier bridge pre-welding workshop product testing 1
SMD rectifier bridge test equipment: Taiwan Jianding high-speed integrated equipment 2

The production process of ASEMI rectifier bridge is very strict. them are strictly tested by Taiwan Jianding's integrated test equipment. The manual operation is reduced in the production, and the stability and precision electrical parameters of the rectifier bridge are improved.


The rectifier bridges produced by the ASEMI brand use the materials which meet environmentally friendly requirement ,starting from the chip at the front end, the frame for loading the chip, and the external epoxy molding material to the lead plating at the later stage of production.To ensure rectifier bridges produced by ASEMI to comply with the contents of the six elements of lead and mercury required by the EU ROHS Directive are within the limits. 


Every citizen has a responsibility for environmental protection. We should start with every little thing around him and let more people join the ranks of environmental protection.

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