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Audio manufacturer chose ASEMI

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Recently, an audio manufacturer found ASEMI, and wanted to find a rectifier bridge product with stable quality and excellent rectification effect.After selection and long-term communication by technical engineers, the GBJ2510 rectifier bridge of ASEMI brand was finally selected.

Cost-effective please choose ASEMI

bridge rectifier  GBJ2510  Parameters

★ Model: GBJ2510      ★Brand: ASEMI

★Package: GBJ-4        ★ Chip material: GPP

★Features: Single row plug-in flat bridge

★ Electrical parameters: 25A 1000V

★ Forward current (Io): 50A

★ Number of chips: 4

★ Forward voltage (VF): 1.1V

★ Chip size: 160mil

★ Surge current Ifsm: 200A

★ Is it original: Yes

★Leakage current (Ir): 10ua

★Working temperature: -50°~125°

★Recovery time (Trr): 500ns

★Number of leads: 4


GBJ2510  Appearance Size

GBJ2510As an ASEMI brand rectifier bridge GBJ2510 that does not lose strength, the product size specifications are as follows: foot width is 2.2mm, foot length is 17.5mm, foot spacing is 7.5mm, body length is 30.0mm, height is 20.0mm The thickness is 3.6 mm and the thickness of the foot is 0.7 mm.

Audio manufacturer chose ASEMI4.0


Answering doubts

Why choose ASEMI?

Asemi Technology Co.,Ltd. has always adhered to the philosophy of “Quality is the service to customers”. With practical actions, we have realized the corporate slogan of “choosing a strong core, so that you can be more assured”. Welcome to consult the sampling test! ! !

ASEMI Official 24-hour Technical Advisory Service Hotline: 400-9929-667;

If you are interested in purchasing ASEMI brand components, please contact our sales QQ Consulting: 80002333.

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