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【ASEMI】Work summary of new employees

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Summary of the work of new employees

In my job, I fully studied the management method of Weibo WeChat public platform, and the official website audit management has also taken over. The task of sending the external link recently familiarized me with the publishing mode of the blog forum. In terms of Internet soft-text propaganda, several relatively large platforms understand that the propaganda model for the company's entire network has also understood its deep meaning. In the following month, I will consider the effect of the publicity in June, such as learning to edit the electronic journals, preparing for the middle of the year to summarize the electronic magazines and taking the opportunity to organize the ASEMI material library; The high-quality soft-text content of the official website is recorded to improve the Guangfa external chain, etc. In the preparation of the soft text, according to the current stage, the new soft-text is prepared and the electronic template is prepared, and the corporate culture PPT is modified.

On the team PK, my character determines that I am not a strong fight, but my winning and losing desire is not weak at all. For Hang Ge, I should make full use of the face of the fellows to tell him the truth, the team competition is for a word -win. It’s not that it’s morally noble to say that you don’t fight for yourself. The planning strategy of assisting airlines to compete in the team is what I will do next to the basic team tasks.

After a month, I found that I would be happy to write a useful and interesting article, but I am not satisfied with just the work of editing, like the WeChat, Weibo, and soft texts on the official website. In fact, many people will write. In addition, there is no place for original articles to be published without the channels of propaganda. Therefore, I think that the role of copywriters in the whole company is not so great. If I want to achieve something, I must plan from the overall promotion of the company and marketing. I have just grown out of school, but I can’t afford to learn. I just started to learn how to integrate into the working atmosphere and do my job. I have been greedy and want to learn management in less than a month. Ability, development vision. I still want to thank Mr.Li and Miss.Dong for encouraging cultivation, giving me so much space for learning and development, and giving me too much tolerance. To make myself better, to make greater efforts for the company's development is my work direction, but also my reward.

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