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For these who are diligent:

Success = (passion + method) multiply time

Take the initiative, find the right way, and make use of all available time.

Success = (willing + ability) multiply action

Have the ability to have more will, no action is still useless

Success = (self-discipline + dedication) multiply perseverance

Be disciplined, follow the law, don't stick to gains and losses, and stick to it once you choose.

Success = (Tianjin + Opportunity) multiply Diligence

Talent and opportunity are of course important. Without diligence, nothing can be done.

Success = (work + rest) multiply less talk

Down to earth, work and rest.

Success = (target + action) multiply reflection

There must be a clear vision to achieve the goal in any feasible way.

Success = (knowledge + questioning) * humble

Knowledge is more important than wealth for young people

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